Bilingual Caleños troop to Cali Talent Expo to apply to TaskUs, other tech companies

Published on November 3, 2022
TaskUs offered exciting career opportunities to qualified Caleños in the recent Cali Talent Expo held at the Universidad del Valle last October 26.

CALI, Colombia (October 26, 2022) — TaskUs (Nasdaq: TASK), a provider of outsourced digital services and next-generation customer experience to fast-growing technology companies, offered exciting career opportunities to qualified Caleños in the recent Cali Talent Expo held at the Universidad del Valle last October 26.

TaskUs was joined by other technology operations and software development companies specializing in outsourced services, education, and human resources. The participating organizations posted hundreds of job vacancies in assistance, operational, and managerial positions available to college-graduate Caleños who have a B1 or intermediate level of the English language.

This was the first bilingualism-focused career fair held at the prestigious University del Valle, in partnership with Invest Pacific, the Secretary of Economic Development of the Mayor's Office of Cali, and multinational companies such as TaskUs, in response to the growing global demand for multilingual talent. Students and graduates of the university as well as other job-seeking Caleños trooped to the Melendez campus of the University del Valle to explore the available career opportunities waiting for them.

“Having the opportunity to be on the campus of Universidad del Valle is a highlight for TaskUs since it is one of the major public universities in the region and has a large number of high-level students and graduates. Alumni of this university are the epitome of the kind of talent that TaskUs needs: diverse, highly skilled, and highly talented,'' said Guillermo Ulloa, TaskUs Colombia Vice President of Operations.

Aside from inquiring about and applying to TaskUs and other participating companies, attendees also joined seminars hosted by TaskUs leaders who talked about English as a transformative tool, the future of the labor market, and tips on how to ace job interviews. 

Those who were unable to attend the on-site hiring event but are interested to apply can do so here: https://talkpu.sh/KE4mGv1c 

Applicants who would like to have English training to further improve their language skills may apply to TaskUs' free English Academy, The Art of Fluency: https://bit.ly/LearnEnglishWithTaskUs 

TaskUs has been operating in Cali since March 2021 on a purely Work@Home setup. It opened its new, permanent site called “The Arena” last June 2022 while ensuring a successful transition from Work@Home to on-site operations. 

To learn more about TaskUs, visit https://www.taskus.com or follow these social media accounts:


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