TaskUs’s People-Centric Culture Featured in Industry Leading HR Podcast

Published on August 5, 2021

This week, Brandy Rosner, VP of People Operations and Rachel Lutz Guevara, VP of Global Wellness & Resiliency, were featured expert guests during this year’s HR Appreciation: Leadership Week, organized by HR Daily Advisor. For more than three decades, HR Daily Advisor has been a trusted name in the HR industry, delivering articles, reports and advice to 90 percent of the Fortune 500 and beyond. 

On the podcast, Rosner and Lutz Guevara sat down with HR Daily Advisor editor and podcast host, James Davis, to discuss how TaskUs has managed to be so successful in maintaining its best-in-class culture across 18 sites and with 27,500 teammates in eight countries: United States, the Philippines, India, Mexico, Taiwan, Greece, Ireland, and Colombia.

Citing the company’s Core Values as its north star, Rosner and Lutz Guevara reveal how TaskUs has developed a culture of flexibility and respect that does not force any one style onto all its teammates. Rosner explained, “the best part of our culture is that we embrace different cultures,” and that culture is more than mere nationality, changing from city to city and even individual to individual. The podcast shines a light on how the company was able to build the organizational infrastructure to foster trust, mindful leadership, emotional intelligence, and common courtesy among its leadership and team members. 

The keys to building trust are effective communication and ensuring every employee feels like an equal member of the team, regardless of their location or culture. The podcast traces the roots of TaskUs’s successful global culture to its founders, Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, and their obsession with employee experience and wellbeing. Knowing the difficulties that come with communicating across time zones and cultures, Maddock and Weir established clear “rules of engagement” and innovative protocols which enabled clear and effective communication, respectful to all teammates’ time and location. 

Lutz Guevara summarized TaskUs’s mindset when developing policies and expanding into new regions, “position yourself to learn as opposed to teach.” Explaining there is no one framework to encompass all employees, she said HR leaders must embrace the local culture and celebrate each individual. From there, HR leaders can identify what is important to each team member to effectively build employee support programs and benefits packages. 

To learn more about how TaskUs created its agile and global HR framework, so readily adaptable to changes across cultures or even natural disasters, listen for yourself here


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