Stay Ahead of the Game with Technology, Data, and People

Published on February 9, 2021

With tons of information right at everyone’s fingertips and buyers bombarded with offers from competitors every hour, how can sales and marketing teams stay ahead of the game? "Have a technology and tool strategy to start with, leverage data, and put focus on enabling your people to better serve clients," said  Jarrod Johnson, TaskUs’s Chief Customer Officer. 

“Tools don’t matter much if you can’t get insights out of the data, see trends, identify gaps, and then execute to close those gaps,” added Johnson.

With our lives digitized and distributed, he explained that customers and companies expect “tailored, personalized, consultative buying experiences because businesses make decisions on more than just feature and function now that basic information is just a click away.” This means companies looking to grow need to move and adapt to meet the elevated demands of their buyers and create positive experiences.

With the growth of AI and technology, many fear that companies will favor and prioritize technology over humans. But Johnson noted technology amplifies customer service and cannot fully replace human contact. “The key is having a team of intelligent and savvy people who know when and how to use technology and data, and when to ‘lean in’ and create solutions for customers directly. Customers want the ease of technology but also the ability to connect with a highly capable person if need be,” he added.

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