Revolutionizing Healthcare: Delivering a Competitive Advantage by Modernizing Data Validation

The healthcare industry has seen a change in course in recent years, with its focus shifting from treating to preventing diseases. Dramatic advancements in data science and an urgent need to reduce healthcare costs contributed to this, further underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare companies rely heavily on data. In the face of an exponential increase in the amount of data they need to process—from patient and provider information to medical, administrative, insurance, and pharmaceutical data—innovation in data practices is even more crucial than ever.

Modernizing the way healthcare companies collect, enter, manage, and validate data is essential to ensure accuracy and provide real value to healthcare delivery services. [1] Older data validation methods have become more expensive and inaccurate, resulting in multiple data and system errors.

As a reliable outsourcing partner, TaskUs brings innovation to the forefront of our solutions. Our ability to train Ridiculously Good talents at scale, combined with our industry experience, has allowed Us to relentlessly deliver specialized services that are streamlined, process-driven, and adaptable to our clients’ needs and pace.

The Challenge

A leading US-based health insurance company is revolutionizing the way patients manage their health insurance through a full-stack technology platform. Their in-app and web-based tools offer a suite of services that enable patients to find quality care at an affordable rate.  

The client took note of industry inefficiencies and sought to change the way things were done and to stand out from competitors. They noticed that traditional providers still relied on outdated technology to validate provider information, resulting in perpetually inaccurate information. They wanted an outsourcing partner that could provide fast and accurate data collection, data entry, data management, and data validation work. 

The Answer Is Us

The client chose to outsource their data validation work to TaskUs. 

In addition to simply providing support, we took the initiative to study the client’s evolving needs. We provided proactive suggestions and value-added solutions to solve their pain points such as hiring the right people to handle data validation work, crafting effective training methods to transform Teammates into brand ambassadors, and creating an efficient and process-driven workflow. 

By bringing innovation into the data validation process of our client, TaskUs was able to provide trustworthy information that enhances the members’ overall experience, resulting in higher data accuracy, an above-average data validation rate, and better productivity. 

Download our case study, Delivering a Competitive Advantage by Modernizing Data Validation, to learn in detail how an innovative data validation process can positively impact the healthcare industry.


  1. Challenges of Validating Big Data in Health Insurance

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