Empowering Community-Driven Marketplaces with Advanced Trust and Safety Solutions

Published on December 5, 2022
Last Updated on December 5, 2022

As the retail and eCommerce industry continues to enhance their offerings to keep up with consumer demand, more bad actors are taking advantage of these lapses. In a recent survey on The State of Commerce in Europe for 2023, consumers in the UK have admitted to abusing returns and claims of poor service while shopping online. 1

The Client

A community-driven fashion marketplace platform needed a reliable outsourcing partner with proven Trust and Safety solutions expertise to handle their Trust and Safety support at launch and ensure reliable platform security and user safety processes moving forward.

The Solution

We developed new fraud protection processes to address the client’s Trust and Safety issues on content moderation, copyright infringement, fake items, inappropriate imagery, user validation, and policy review, among others. We classified these into the following categories: Content Moderation, Abusive Behaviors, and Fraud Detection and Prevention, all while expanding their team of 8 content moderators to 50 FTEs in 2 months. To support improvements in efficiency and accuracy, we recommended and implemented the TaskUs innovation tool TagAll. Other Trust and Safety solutions we implemented within the client’s workflow include:

  • A new and improved training curriculum with collaborative cross-skilling and upskilling to sustain Trust and Safety policies and encourage rapid growth
  • Weekly calibrations and regular new process updates with the client
  • A Team-Lead-QA Buddy-Up System that addresses top drivers of quality
  • Agreed productivity targets by alert type

The Results

The improvements we made on the platform’s security management processes made it possible for Us to achieve the following results:

  • Consistently achieving a 97% quality score, which is 12% higher than target
  • Over 7 million content moderation alerts have been processed since launch

Our Trust and Safety solutions execute a proactive approach in content moderation services that ensures a safe and secure user experience while improving Trust and Safety processes to guarantee your business’ success moving forward.

To learn more about this, download the Trust and Safety for A Community-Driven Fashion Marketplace case study.

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