Data Labeling Solutions for Better-Performing Autonomous Driving

Published on July 13, 2022
Last Updated on September 26, 2022

From eco-friendly solutions to IoT-connectivity capabilities, the last few decades have seen the transportation industry as an ever-evolving space. Rapid technological advancements accelerate the sector forward  as services keep up with the times. One good example is the rise of autonomous driving. No longer a futuristic concept, autonomous vehicles have become an industry-standard thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). However, self-driving cars can only be fully utilized with better-performing machine learning models running behind the scenes, ensuring efficient, accurate, and of course, safe journeys from start to finish.

This is where we come in.

At TaskUs, we take pride in being a key partner for transportation businesses worldwide, delivering data annotation outsourcing on a global scale for both in-production level 3 and 4 AV providers. We go the extra mile by providing our clients AV operational support beyond the standard AI data training services with live testing, online assistance, and fleet response solutions. With over 45,000 teammates and thousands of skilled freelancers around the world via TaskVerse, we can process 18 million images in a month and achieve a QA score of over 98% in data-related operations. 

We also provide support at every development stage: data collection services that fit your needs in any locale, a wide range of data annotation types, development and testing capabilities such as triage and simulation and scenario curation, and fleet remote control and regular quality checks. 

Data Labeling Services for Autonomous Driving

Our deep expertise in ensuring operational excellence for autonomous driving reflects in the data labeling services that we provide, which include:

  • Image and Video Annotation
  • Intent Assessment in Images and Videos
  • Point Cloud and Sensor Fusion
  • HD Maps

Proof of Excellence: Autonomous Driving Case Studies 

For years, we have delivered these services to drive success to our partners within the transportation space, demonstrating how capable we are in handling the complex tasks that come with training autonomous driving systems. 

We partnered with a leading AV company to enhance their AI training data with precise Image and Sensor Data Annotation, which expanded to 16 simultaneous projects, including Semantic mapping, Feature extraction, Multilayer object classification, and LiDAR sensor fusion that resulted in the following:

  • 1,800 Full-time Employees
  • 115% Quality Assurance
  • 98% Quality Score
  • 24 Tasks Per Day

Our portfolio also includes Real-Time Fleet Remote Control, hiring and training over Fleet Response Specialists to monitor vehicle performance and provide support in highly contextual situations, in which we delivered the following results:

  • 20B+ Real-world and simulated miles driven
  • 123 Rebadged Fleet Response Specialists
  • 92% Fleet Response Correctness
  • 99% Collision Alarm Response

Together, let’s create better driving solutions for safe and efficient road experiences.

To know more about how TaskUs’ AI Services can bring your AV business forward with precise autonomous driving systems, download the full Autonomous Driving Solution Brief.

Download the full Autonomous Driving Solution Brief

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