Data Labeling Services for Drones & UAVs

Published on March 22, 2023
Last Updated on March 22, 2023

The future of Autonomous Vehicles (AV), particularly the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), is both thrilling and possibly daunting. Already revolutionizing a wide range of industries1, from transportation & delivery to agriculture—drones increase operational precision, provide safer options for the workforce, and drive efficiency. But to unleash the full potential of UAVs, significant developments must be made to existing AI technologies through human ingenuity, input, and innovation.

This is where TaskUs come in—able to support you in every development stage in fields ranging from data collection to data annotation, development, and testing, to production. Our global scale, multilingual and multiskilled Teammates, along with Taskers (Freelancers), are equipped with the ideal skills needed for handling training data and operational support services for in-production fleets.

The Answer is Us

TaskUs’ deep expertise in data preparation for computer vision helps provide the human capital and
operational excellence to help you scale. Check out our #RidiculouslyGood data labeling services for drones and UAVs:

  • Image & Video Annotation
  • Object Detection & Tracking
  • Point Cloud & Sensor Fusion
  • Aerial Imagery Mapping

Learn more about TaskUs’ data labeling capabilities by downloading our case study, Data Solutions for Drones.

  • 1^Drones of the future: 4 drone market trends for mindful entrepreneurs
Download the full case study


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