Audio Training Data for a Global Technology Company


Audio Training Data for a Global Technology Company

Case Study

Audio Training Data for a Global Technology Company

Virtual assistants have been around for quite some time. But no one could have predicted the impact these would have on tech innovation, especially during the pandemic. As day-to-day activities began to shift to a remote setup, our relationship with technology also changed. Consumers are increasingly relying on virtual assistants to simplify daily tasks such as booking appointments, buying products, or even addressing mental health concerns. eMarketer predicts that by 2023, 92.3 percent of smartphone owners will use virtual assistants1. This unprecedented reliance on technology has shown the need to improve and further develop the potential of voice AI.  

But to function correctly, virtual assistants rely on a wealth of audio training data enhanced by human annotators. Extensive audio training for voice AI requires a team of highly skilled data labeling experts.

The Challenge

A leading global social media and technology company has been a consistent game-changer in the social networking space and consumer tech products. In recent years, they started to develop a virtual assistant that could potentially create a better user experience for their consumers. 

However, to accomplish such an ambitious project, they will face multiple challenges in audio data collection. Variances in local speech, audio quality, and fluctuation of daily queues are only some of the obstacles they have to navigate. More than ever, they need a reliable partner that can support their data labeling, tagging, and audio transcription efforts.

The Answer is Us

At TaskUs, we provide world-class data labeling services for today’s most disruptive companies. Because of our expertise in data labeling powered by human-annotated training data, we have been the client’s trusted partner for years.

Throughout our partnership, we have been able to support 30 of their global programs while providing Ridiculously Good results:

  • 10 million items tagged per week; 
  • 91.7% average accuracy rate; and 
  • New Automated Speech Recognition lines of business for the client in the next two years.

Want to know how we were able to deliver these top-notch results? Download our case study, Audio Training Data for a Global Technology Company, to learn the three-step framework we used to support the client’s audio training needs.