Asynchronous Messaging

Asynchronous Messaging, also called “async messaging,” is a communication method where a message is placed in a queue and does not require an immediate response to move forward with processing. Samples of asynchronous messages include email and SMS, where both parties are free to respond on their own time. Conversely, chatting is a form of synchronous messaging, where parties expect an immediate or near-immediate response.

Asynchronous Messaging is an excellent example of how technology can be utilized to optimize both customer service and customer experience. TaskUs leverages this cutting-edge service channel to allow customers to communicate their needs in a convenient manner for both customer and service provider, depending on their various expectations with synchronous vs asynchronous messaging.

Something to note when it comes to staying relevant with today’s consumers: a poll showed 64% of millennial consumers prefer texting a company for information versus calling them, and 77% of them have a more positive perception of when a company can be reached via mobile messaging.