Asynchronous Messaging

Asynchronous Messaging is a communication method where a message is placed in a message queue and does not require an immediate response to move forward with processing. Examples include email and SMS messaging, as chat would be a form of synchronous messaging.

TaskUs believes that Asynchronous Messaging is a cutting-edge service channel for the convenience it provides a customer and for the efficiency it offers a service provider. Asynchronous Messaging is an excellent example of how technology enhances customer service and customer experience. Not only does Asynchronous Messaging allow consumers to communicate and solve needs through a channel already in use every day, but it also shows how technology can be paired with human power to enhance the overall service and experience.

Something to note when thinking about how to improve your own business to stay relevant to the technology and trends of today: 64% of millennial consumers prefer texting a company for information versus calling them and 77% of them have a more positive perception of a company they can reach via mobile messaging.