Why Your Current BPO Partner Is Ruining Your Brand

Your Customer is Changing During this Crisis. It’s Time to Switch BPO Partners

Your current outsourcing partner, named one of the worst places to work, is losing the battle against COVID-19 and taking its customers’ business down with it. Over the past two months, the company has publicly demonstrated that it:

  • Has no real Work-from-Home solution
  • Treats its agents poorly  
  • Has unsanitary working conditions that have spread COVID-19
  • Suffers from high attrition rates

By working with a vendor who fails to manage their operations responsibly and attracts negative press, your brand could be on the verge of a PR nightmare – and you could lose millions of customers.

“I am a big fan of outsourcing for support with the right partner. TaskUs was such a great partner with holding our hand and saying ‘these are all the things you’re going to need to consider.’ Really the success of Philo was very largely dependent on how support could step up. We needed to go with a partner and not just a vendor.”
– Laura Dechant, Head of Customer Success and Operations, Philo

“I don’t look at [TaskUs/Atom Tickets] as a vendor-client relationship, I look at it as a true partnership. We outsource 100% of our customer support. [TaskUs] is the face of our company.”
– Michael Windler, Head of Customer and Venue Support, Atom Tickets

The Industry’s #1 Choice
for Outsourcing is TaskUs

TaskUs is one of the fastest growing tech-enabled business services companies in the world – delivering customer experience, AI operations, and content security services that power the world’s most disruptive companies.

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TaskUs is leading the charge in digital CX transformation as stewards of technology – from AI/ML solutions and predictive analytics built into solutions, to complete digitization of its service offerings driven by data science.

The Most Secure WFH Offering Anywhere
TaskUs delivers next-generation business services from anywhere in the world with sophisticated workplace security standards and a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that puts its teammates first, and its competitors to shame.

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There’s a reason why almost every disruptive brand and app on your phone trusts TaskUs. Our clients are actively changing the world. So are we.

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