Streaming Wars: Winning Subscribers with Excellent CX


How Can Streaming Platforms Attract and Retain Customers?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was no choice but to consume basic cable. In television’s golden era, streaming platforms are thirsty for subscribers as the competitive landscape widens. As digital reigns king, media giants will need to rethink their approach to customer service as they make their first foray into direct-to-consumer platforms. In the OTT space, a CX-first strategy can give companies the edge they need to thrive and conquer. Platforms that speak the digital language of their subscriber base will edge out their peers by managing churn and retaining users. So how can streaming platforms create a meaningful brand that matters to customers?

Join Michael Moore, former Executive Vice President of Customer Operations at Fox Networks Group, Erica Alshuler, Vice President of Client Services at Vobile and Ricky Girson, VP of Media & Entertainment at TaskUs for an in-depth peek at winning and retaining subscribers in the midst of streaming’s golden hour.