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    Rapidly collect text, image, audio, and video data to train AI

Outsourced Data Collection Services

Models are only as good as the data from which they are built, so good data collection practices are crucial to developing high-performing AI applications.

TaskUs has over a decade of experience helping the world’s leading companies collect training data for machine learning. With proven expertise in recruiting, technology, and operations, we can offer custom solutions for our clients’ unique and evolving data needs.

TaskUs rapidly collects data from
1,000s of participants, no matter what the client’s project requires.


47,000 full-time employees
On-site, secure facilities
As of September 2023


230,000+ global freelancers Flexible and scalable

65+ Languages

Ethnic Diversity

Ages 3-99+

50+ Countries

Skills and Specialities

Different Devices

Data Collection Services

At TaskUs, we provide the best quality human intelligence to power AI and ML products and research.

Text Data

Collect text data samples to support natural language processing (NLP) applications.

Audio & Speech

Record audio & speech datasets that capture all nuances of natural human language.

Image Data

Gather image data to train computer vision models to understand real world scenarios.

Video Data

Capture thousands of custom video samples based on your project requirements

Outsourced Data Collection Services

TaskVerse is our centralized platform to source, recruit, and manage freelancers or “Taskers” from anywhere around the world.

With the flexibility to work any number of hours from anywhere, TaskVerse makes it easy to collect data from a global crowd.
Case Study
On-demand Image &
Video Data Collection
We used TaskVerse to gather crowdsourced data from various demographics to illustrate how machine learning bias can be prevented by collecting diverse data.
  • Collected distinct video samples based on project requirements (kitchen spaces, 1080p resolution, landscape orientation, etc)
  • Recruited 200 global freelancers, covering a wide range of demographics (ages 18-65+, 9 different ethnic groups)
  • Collected ~25,000 data points (demographic data, quality metrics etc.) on users for future project matching.

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    On-demand Crowd Image and Video Data Collection


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