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For more than 12 years, TaskUs has served as the trusted partner for 100+ of the world's most innovative, disruptive, and fastest-growing companies. When high-growth enterprises need an outsourcing partner to provide industry-leading results with reliable, world-class support, they choose TaskUs.

Some of our Partner Brands that Customers Love

Creating rich Retail Customer Experience that goes beyond the checkout cart

We are so grateful that TaskUs is still at it in keeping the lights on for all of our customers. You guys have wonderful productivity and customer transformation. We appreciate all the time and effort that you're putting in during this time of the pandemic.

- John Lagerling, Chief Executive Officer

For me, being delighted as a customer means that my needs are heard and met. That's one of the things TaskUs does all the time. The delight is knowing that we don't have a vendor, we have a partner who cares and wants to make sure our business succeeds.

- Leslie Hall, Strategic Partner Manager

Meet your Team


Scott Carlson

Vice President of Global Sales


Bailey Boyd

Director of Business Development


Shawn Johnson

Director of Business Development


Jeramie Parsons

Business Development Executive


Danielle Arnold

Business Development Representative


The TaskUs Advantage
Creating Rich Retail Customer Experience that goes Beyond the Checkout Cart

We are Digital Masters

We are highly adaptable and extremely flexible, subscribing to cutting-edge technology and processes that enable us to revolutionize the customer experience. Using such tools allows us to align, enhance, boost, and/or reinvent our clients' outsourcing needs for the modern age.

  • 100% Cloud based system
  • 30+ technology partners
  • Over 80% of the work we do is digital
  • 50+ AppConnect partners
  • 90% of Clients have AI and Robotics Process Automation Integration

We are Brave Innovators

TaskUs bravely embraces change - it is the foundation for innovation. We serve as a launch pad for new ideas for systems, processes, and technology with a proven track record of successful achievement.

  • 100% of new clients use TaskUs Proprietary Learning Management System (LMS)
  • 75% of clients use TaskUs Knowledge Management System (KMS)
  • 70% of partners piloted TaskUs-inspired innovations

We are System Architects

Process standards, thoughtful, reinvention, simplicity, client-focus - these are the tenets of our process design methods. Your key objectives define Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and adhere to industry-recognized practices and processes for quality assurance.

  • ISO, PCI, SOC 2 Certified, and HIPAA Compliant
  • Six Sigma, Kaizen, and COPC trained teams

We are Culture Builders

We invest heavily in our Teammates' well-being and happiness. We're ridiculously focused on the people that help our clients shine, significantly lowering our attrition rate and protecting the instututional knowledge we work hard to develop, saving our clients money in both the short and long-run.

  • 62% Referral vs 35% Industry Ave
  • 43% Attrition vs. 98% Industry Ave
  • 95% average CSAT scores across ALL CX campaigns
  • Teammates operating on minimal scripts for fully authentic interactions
  • 78 eNPS score surpassing even the most culture-obsessed companies today

We are Start-up & Scale Experts

TaskUs is the global leader helping companies to scale headcount, processes, and technical infrastructure successfully through energy and passion, scaling programs by over 5,000%. Our startup clients are newly funded, youthful heritage companies, and business with $1B+ valuations.

  • 12 Clients with valuations over $1 Billion
  • 1st Outsourcer EVER to convert from brick-and-mortar to a full work-from-home model
  • Grown our 32 Retail & eCommerce clients to 7,500+ teammates in total across the globe


Language capabilities

including French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and more