frequently asked questions

Who founded TaskUs?

CEO Bryce Maddock and President Jaspar Weir co-founded TaskUs in 2008. Though they are business partners, they have been friends since their high school days in Santa Monica, California.

Originally conceptualized and founded as a virtual personal assistant company, TaskUs quickly became the outsourcing leader in helping businesses to scale through process, people and technology. It employs over 5,300 people around the globe.

Today, TaskUs provides customer experiences and back office support to the world’s most notable brands and disruptive companies on Earth!

Not too shabby for a couple of entrepreneurs who’ve been friends since their teen years.

When and where was TaskUs founded?

TaskUs incorporated its headquarters in the state of Delaware in 2008.

What are TaskUs’ differentiators?

We Are Digital Masters – TaskUs doesn’t subscribe to outdated legacy systems or old-fashioned processes. We believe that cutting-edge technology enables organizations to revolutionize the customer experience. Using such tools allows us to align, enhance, boost and/or reinvent companies’ outsourcing needs for the modern age.

Whether through AI integration, advanced Learning Management Systems (LMS) for training and/or big data analytics – we help clients to realize efficiency improvements, to strengthen the ability to be adaptable in the rapidly evolving marketplace, and to rocket past its competition.

We Are Brave Innovators – Bravery embraces the future; it is the foundation for innovation. From creating and deploying a custom-built LMS training platform to overhauling a Zendesk workflow that solved a 40,000 ticket backlog we aren’t afraid of the unknown. We proactively address new challenges.

Our quarterly business reviews (QBRs) are not typical client meetings either. In addition to reviewing our progress, we pitch custom-design innovation at least twice a year. We are intrinsic, creative problem solvers who never give up. We are the launchpad to new ideas and have a proven track record of doing it.

We Are System Architects – Process, process, process. TaskUs knows that robust operational processes and management systems are fundamental to achieving success. They give clients peace of mind that we will deliver on our promises. From start to finish, clients have full transparency and involvement in the process.

We will not be ambiguous. We don’t want clients to accept a lower quality of service to achieve value. Not only will we provide a culture of excellence, but we’ll also measure success through clearly defined metrics. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are defined by clients’ key objectives, with adherence to industry recognized practices, and processes for quality assurance.

We Are Culture Builders – Our employee attrition rate is half the industry average. We invest heavily in our employees’ well-being and happiness so that a client benefits from a workforce that has a deep institutional knowledge of your business earned over time.

Our workplaces are fun, vibrant, spacious and inspire our high performing teams. We provide meaningful, purposeful work and career advancement opportunities. From exceptional performance incentives to great team building activities, your team of fully dedicated teammates is set up for long-term success.

We Are Startup & Scale Specialists – “Startup” is a state of mind. TaskUs is the global leader helping companies to scale headcount, processes and technical infrastructure successfully. Our startup clients are newly funded, youthful heritage companies and businesses with $1B+ valuations.

TaskUs’ expertise has been honed from years of experience of successfully implementing countless outsourcing initiatives. We remain agile and flexible to adapt quickly and meet our clients’ fluid growth, scaling and transformational goals. We understand startups; we’ve been there and mastered it.

Our expertise has helped us to scale programs by over 5,000%.

Where are TaskUs’ headquarters?

Our headquarters are in beautiful Santa Monica, California – home to the tech world’s “Silicon Beach” inside of sunny Los Angeles County.

Where are TaskUs’ offices located?

To best meet the business requirements and expectations of our diverse client roster, TaskUs has four offices in the United States (Santa Monica, San Francisco, New York City and San Antonio).

In the Philippines, we operate out of 5 beautiful offices located within the Manilla Metro area. Additionally, we have teammates ready to serve you in El Salvador – a beautiful country located in Central America.

What do you mean by “Ridiculously Good Outsourcing”?

At TaskUs, “ridiculous” is a very special word. It means that the described item is exceptional, unexpected and provides delight.

“Ridiculously Good Outsourcing,” means that we offer significantly more than run-of-the-mill outsourcing. TaskUs offers exceptional, unexpected outsourcing that delights our clients and its users.

Who and what is a LizardBear?

The LizardBear, like TaskUs, is ridiculous.

Lizzy, the LizardBear – who is a half-lizard and half-bear hybrid thanks to some impressively sturdy yarn – is hardworking, dedicated and career focused – but she has fun while doing it. She is the literal personification of the transformational business that TaskUs is today.

What types of customer experience and back office support options does TaskUs offer its customers?

Customer Experience –

TaskUs offers: Omnichannel customer support, Chat, In-App, Voice, Email, Social Media, SMS Text, Sales Support (inbound and outbound sales), Technical Support and Billing Support

Back Office Support –

TaskUs offers: Content moderation, Data Entry, E-Commerce Tagging, Writing and Content Creation, Research, Fraud Prevention, Application Verification (profiles, people and documents), Claims Processing, Mediation, Digital Transcription, Photo Retouching and Enterprise Data Management

If you have an outsourcing need, there’s an excellent chance that TaskUs supports it. Be sure to speak to us today about your specific requirements.

Why should I choose to outsource? Are there benefits to outsourcing?

TaskUs believes that outsourcing is a tremendous differentiator that allows the businesses that we work with to focus on its core competencies without the hassle of sharp learning curves that can be costly when the work falls outside of a company’s institutional knowledge.

There are tremendous benefits to outsourcing and especially to working with an outsourcing leader like TaskUs. It’s the cost-effective way to scale quickly – and not just in scaling headcount but also in process improvement and technological infrastructure. No matter what your scaling requires entail, TaskUs is the smart choice to delight your users through high-quality customer experiences and simplified back office operations.

Perhaps most importantly, working with TaskUs provides you with a sharp differentiator from your competitors in that you will have the benefits of working with a company that is passionately focused on Customer Experience (CX) and one that has developed best practices with some of the world’s most notable brands and disruptive companies on Earth!

My company already has a vendor. Why should we consider working with TaskUs?

At TaskUs, we are not like any other outsourcing company – we are not just a vendor, we are a collaborative partner offering transformational growth. We are digital masters, brave innovators, system architects, culture builders and startup and scale specialists. Learn more and discover our proven track record here.

Where are your employees located?

To best solve our clients’ outsourcing requirements, TaskUs has teams to handle Customer Experiences and Backoffice Support in 3 territories – the United States (onshore), El Salvadore (nearshore) and the Philippines (offshore).

TaskUs is headquarters in the greater Los Angeles Metro area (Santa Monica). Additionally, we have additional client service offices in San Francisco and New York.

What is TaskUs’ agent-to-team leader ratio?

Agent-to-team ratios vary depending on the type and complexity of the support program implemented. In general, we strive for one team leader to 10 teammates to allow for personal attention, continual advancement, and quality assurance.

Would we have the ability to remotely monitor calls?

Yes! TaskUs offers our partners the ability to monitor calls remotely if they wish to do so.

We’ve never used an outsourcing provider before TaskUs. Could we listen to call samples to eliminate our concern about conversational accents?

TaskUs employees’ language skills are top-notch. Before we extend an employment offer to a candidate, s/he must pass appropriate language assessment exams at a very high, established minimum scoring threshold. This threshold varies depending on the language and skill.

Would employees that join our team have the option to work part-time?

Yes. TaskUs offers this option for team members that work out of San Antonio, Texas and El Salvador. Additionally, we offer seasonal options for individual roles.

Would you just assign people from your existing pool of employees to our new account? From where do you recruit candidates?

TaskUs has a comprehensive hiring process that matches the best local candidates to the skills and aptitudes found within the REQ that a client needs to fill.

Would TaskUs’ employees only work for my business or are they “shared resources” who will work for multiple clients?

TaskUs teammates are dedicated employees who work exclusively for one company – yours.

Would a team member handle multiple processes/functions? For example, could one employee support content moderation, photo retouching and billing support?

While TaskUs can recruit for and hire new team members for specific hiring requirements that exactly match a specific REQ, we do have employees that are cross trained in CX to increase value for our customers.

How long does it take to launch a program/get started with TaskUs?

Depending on the complexity of the requested program, it takes approximately 45-60 days to onboard and launch an outsourcing initiative with TaskUs.

After contracts are signed, TaskUs will assign you a highly trained Implementation expert from our team to walk you through each step of the way.

How do you handle training? Do you send someone from your team to my office?

Our global implementation team will gather materials that you currently have. Additionally, we will introduce you to our TaskUs training team. Then, we typically will schedule train-the-trainer sessions so that we understand your materials as well as you understand ours to optimize success. We always highly recommend that clients send out their trainer for Wave 1 Launch.

How will I know when my outsourced team at TaskUs is working?

At TaskUs, we don’t believe that caring for your customers should not stop at 5 pm. Delivering high-quality Customer Experiences is a 24/7 mission. TaskUs offers our clients round-the-clock, 24/7 Customer Experiences and Backoffice Support.

From direct access to the team through site visits (if you choose), real-time dashboards, metrics, reporting and results, you’ll know that your outsourced team is working hard to help ensure that your users are safe, happy, well-cared for each and every day.

Additionally, TaskUs can facilitate remote monitoring sessions.

How do you track performance?

TaskUs utilizes software to track metrics specifically tied to the success of your program. Our Quality Assurance, Implementation and Client Service teams work together and with you to help ensure a successful program.

TaskUs offers daily reports, monthly business reviews and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) so that our customers aren’t in the dark about their program. We don’t only want to satisfy you; We hope that you are delighted with our care.

As a motivation tool, a portion of our Client Service and Operation teams’ compensation is based on clients’ performance results under their guardianship.

Who will I communicate with on a daily basis?

Each TaskUs client is assigned a Client Services Manager and an Operations Manager who will communicate with you daily (or less frequently, if you so choose).

Who will manage our outsourced team at TaskUs?

When you partner with TaskUs, you will work with offshore and onshore managers who are laser-focused on caring for your account. They will partner with you to help ensure that your users have top-tier Customer Experiences and that we achieve metrics for you.

Do you offer a Domestic/onshore outsourcing solution in the United States?

For businesses that want to scale headcount, processes and technical infrastructure successfully, outsourcing with TaskUs is the smart way to achieve organizational growth goals while keeping focused on core competencies.

TaskUs has expanded its global presence and packaged the best of its core capabilities into a convenient onshore option in San Antonio, Texas. This domestic presence enables clients to leverage the incredible talent pools of local universities, convey a strong cultural fit between end-users and employees and deliver white-glove customer experiences.

San Antonio has a neutral accent and was named the United States’ friendliest city of 2016 – a perfect option for top empathetic talent to deliver industry-leading CSAT scores. The climate in San Antonio is mild and does not possess natural disaster risks like hurricanes, tornadoes or freezing temperatures. Lastly, its geographic location within the Central Time Zone enables convenient customer service operating hours and cost-effective site visits with short travel times.

Why should my company be interested in outsourcing to Asian locations, rather than sites outside of the Philippines?

Outsourcing to the Philippines is a stellar offshore choice by itself and for those clients that wish to supplement onshore or nearshore capabilities. As a former American colony that is still heavily entrenched into American life, workers in the Philippines can convey a strong cultural fit between your users and themselves.

The Philippines is very cost effective. Our top-tier talent is either native speaking or fluent in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarine, Cantonese, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean.

Recently, the Philippines surpassed India as the top outsourcing country on Earth. TaskUs operates multiple sites in the territory and is widely regarded as a leader there. We are entrenched in the country and its people so that we can best connect your business with some of the top outsourcing talent around. We require each of our employees in the territory to either have a college degree or high-quality experience within the industry.

Why should my company be interested in outsourcing to a domestic location (San Antonio, Texas), rather than another location?

TaskUs offices in San Antonio, Texas provides a fantastic outsourcing choice for customers that seek a domestic option by itself or to supplement nearshore and offshore capabilities.

In addition to having access to educated workers that have English mastery as native speakers, TaskUs San Antonio provides employees that are fluent in Spanish as well. Our convenient onshore option enables clients to leverage the incredible talent pools of local universities, convey a strong cultural fit between end-users and employees and provide white glove customer service.

San Antonio has a neutral accent and was named the United States’ friendliest city of 2016 – a perfect option for top empathetic talent to deliver industry-leading CSAT scores. The climate in San Antonio is mild and does not possess natural disaster risks like hurricanes, tornadoes or freezing temperatures. Lastly, its geographic location within the Central Time Zone enables convenient customer service operating hours and cost-effective site visits with short travel times.

Why should my company be interested in outsourcing to Latin America, rather than another location?

Latin America is a fantastic nearshore outsourcing option for TaskUs customers!

In addition to native Spanish speaking workers (in addition to other languages such as Portuguese), Latin America is one of the fastest growing outsourcing markets in the world today. It has a LARGE pool of young college graduates – a great fit to be a TaskUs employee, as we require either college degrees or high-quality experience in the outsourcing industry to work at the company.

Nearshore outsourcing is also a great option for businesses based in the United States as it is relatively close, is within the same time zones as the US and enabled cost savings when traveling. These differentiators not only save your business money, but you also save precious time

Do you use a single telephony platform?

No. We allow our clients to bring whatever software and/or applications that they currently use to an engagement with TaskUs.

However, we only allow “softphone” options. In lay terms, a softphone is a computer software application run through a desktop or laptop computer. Talkdesk is one such application that we use. Doing it in this manner saves clients money and enables them to use cutting-edge technology.

Does TaskUs use Zendesk?

Yes. For clients that utilize Zendesk, we will support it. However, clients are not required to use Zendesk.

Do TaskUs’ outsourcing offices work 24/7?

Yes! TaskUs offices that focus on clients’ outsourcing requirements work round-the-clock to deliver the best customer experiences available today to keep your users happy and coming back.

What languages do you support?

A benefit of partnering with an outsourcing leader, like TaskUs, is having access to a broader range of global languages. We are proud to offer our customers top-tier talent who are either native speakers or fluent in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarine, Cantonese, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean.

If you don’t see a specific language requirement listed here, please contact us. There’s a good chance we have access to workers fluent in that language as well!

With which types of clients do you work?

TaskUs works with over 100 of the most disruptive and dynamic businesses in the world who embrace cutting-edge technology, are digitally focused and demand the best customer experiences. Our clients are entrepreneurs, innovators and organizations reinventing themselves.

Some of our most notable clients include: Tinder, Tile, Periscope, Flipagram, Eventbrite, Hotel Tonight, HootSuite, SpareFoot, Whisper, Turo, Deliveroo, TuneIn, AdRoll, Skout, Expensify, Social Tables,, PayNearMe, BetterDoctor, Factual, Hudle, Autodesk, 17hats, iCracked and Mercari. Our clients range from P2P marketplaces, consumer web, B2B SAAS, and some of most popular apps in existence today!

We work with many other beloved global brands that we’d love to chat about, but contractual obligations prevent us from doing so at this time.

With which technology partners do you work?

TaskUs has existing relationships with the best-in-class providers of the technology space. However, we will utilize whichever platforms that our clients use – whether or not such platforms are proprietary.

Why? We are committed to delivery Customer Delight with innovative solutions that meet the specific technological requirements of your business.

How does TaskUs return high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS)?

TaskUs believes that one of the most important keys to returning high Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) is putting people first – so this is what we endeavor to accomplish each and every day!

We are not satisfied with merely satisfying customers; We want to delight them. Among the ways that we accomplish this is by undertaking a consultative approach to partnering with clients, being laser-focused on hitting agreed upon metrics and regular communication. Doing so enables us to solve challenges before they become problems.

We are committed to delivering best-in-class service to each of our customers so that we can continue our tradition of high CSAT and NPS scores into the future.

Is TaskUs a flexible organization that can easily handle scale ups should we need to do so in the future?

TaskUs is an extremely flexible and nimble global outsourcing company that has partnered successfully with some of the most recognizable and disruptive brands in the world.

Scale ups are a breeze at TaskUs. We offer our clients onshore (San Antonio, Texas), offshore (Philippines) and nearshore (El Salvador) options, so that whatever your customer experience and back office support scale up requirement might be, TaskUs has a solution to delight your users and exceed your expectations.

We invest heavily in infrastructure and technology that is stored entirely in the cloud. A new employee can be up and operational within minutes, enabling a level of scale that was unprecedented only a few years ago. Doing so helps us to ensure operational uptime (even in times of natural disaster) so that your customers can always trust your brand to be there when they need you the most.

When you partner with us, TaskUs will assign a Client Services Manager to your account, who will work with your business on a day-to-day basis to solve scaling challenges, shifting requirements, and provide it with the white glove experience and care that it deserves.

Does TaskUs have a disaster recovery plan that takes into account natural disasters?

TaskUs has a disaster recovery plan. We are happy to share it with prospective clients that sign a non-disclosure agreement.

At the very highest level, should natural disasters occur, TaskUs has established business continuity plans that effectively utilizes our technological expertise and multiple offices throughout the Philippines and around the world in order to best ensure uptime so that our valued customers’ are not adversely impacted. Furthermore, with the implementation of this plan, we have never experienced downtime due to natural disasters.

At no point is any client data stored on TaskUs computers, networks, or storage devices. We are a 100% cloud-based organization. At the highest level, if one site goes down for whatever reason, we simply move the team to a different location. We are capable of being fully up and running within minutes.

What is TaskUs’ approach to performance management?

TaskUs takes a holistic approach to performance management and quality assurance. We tie our performance goals to a client’s top strategic business objectives and initiatives. We provide some of the highest CSAT and NPS scores in the industry.

How do I apply for a job?

To search and apply for open roles at TaskUs that interest you, please visit or click the “Careers” option at the top of your screen.