Gestión Humana features how TaskUs takes care of its employees’ mental health

Published on November 16, 2021

The past couple of years proved that there is a correlation between employee wellness and business success. In order to survive and thrive in the current state of the global economy, companies must invest heavily in employees’ mental health. This is what TaskUs Vice President of Global Wellness & Resiliency Rachel Lutz-Guevara discussed with Latin American HR Management magazine Legis Gestión Humana.

Guevarra highlighted the need for employers to create a healthy work environment, cultivating resilience as the first step. “Companies who are truly people-first know that investing in employee well-being is a winning proposition and leads to higher employee engagement, productivity, and improved morale,” Lutz-Guevara said. 

She also discussed the role leaders play in employee wellness. In order for businesses to successfully thrive, company leaders need to “exhibit vulnerability, set healthy boundaries, and show high emotional intelligence through effective communication, mindful leadership, and consistency in practices.”

Preventative care is also crucial if companies want to have a healthy, supportive, and well-rounded workforce. TaskUs believes that through its people-first culture, it is now reaping the results of investing early, heavily, and with purpose. According to Lutz-Guevara, destigmatizing mental health and TaskUs’s Wellness and Resiliency programming have become the company’s differentiator.

“In order to survive in a competitive landscape made more challenging by the pandemic, companies need to start listening to and investing in their employees in view of their mental health,” she emphasized.

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