CNN Philippines Life features how TaskUs protects employees’ mental health

Published on November 3, 2021

The employment landscape has changed in recent history, most especially in the past couple of years alone. The image of a typical office of having boring office cubicles, hierarchical and bureaucratic processes, and overworked employees is slowly being replaced: one with brightly colored walls, a culture of openness and transparency, and employees who can prioritize their mental health.

This is the discussion in a recent CNN Philippines report, which highlighted employers like TaskUs that no longer just teach employees technical skills—they now teach wellness and resiliency skills, too. They even encourage employees to have hobbies and interests as people are appreciating the value of work-life balance.

One of TaskUs's many wellness initiatives is their long-existing in-house life coaching program, in which in-house life coaches are available 24/7 to attend to an employee’s concerns. As explained by Rachel Lutz-Guevara, TaskUs’s Vice President for Global Wellness & Resiliency, "Employees can present a variety of issues—from relationships with their colleagues and personal struggles to professional development and career advice,” and the life coach can provide a listening ear and professional advice, among others.

The report discussed TaskUs’s wellness initiatives that have contributed to a 91% satisfaction rate with their in-house coaching sessions and a 94% employee well-being score.
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