LAUNCH by TaskUs

About Launch

Launch by TaskUs is intensely focused on the delivery of high quality customer experience functions to help rapidly growing companies, well, launch!

Through a packaged solution of qualified talent, smart technology, and process improvement, we enable your company to reach new heights.  We believe that providing exceptional customer experience is an underutilized competitive differentiators for brands today.

Scale With Confidence

You are a fast growing company that needs assistance meeting the rising demands of both internal and external shareholders. You and your team are wearing three different hats, and it’s no longer sustainable to continue down this road. Sound familiar?

Economic uncertainty, decline in consumer spending, lack of qualified talent, and the increased cost of labor are some of the most prominent factors challenging the future growth and survival of small businesses today (source: National Small Business Association) When the market shifts, how can entrepreneurs scale with confidence?

Founders tend to believe that growth naturally means bringing on new team members internally, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Learning how to scale individual aspects of the business – including processes, technology, systems, and yes people – is a much safer, smarter way to grow.

Our Solutions

We partner with the best in breed CX applications and are experts in maximizing results

Digital Customer Experience

  • Email Support
  • Chat Support

Back Office

  • Data Enrichment
  • Content Moderation


What is Launch by TaskUs?

Launch by TaskUs in a new service that gives clients the access to world-class customer experience support they need without committing to a large team of people. If you need to easily scale your front and back office, Launch gives you top talent and packaged technology solutions when you need it. We think it’s an excellent way to give clients that are just starting out the ability to build a successful future.

How does Launch by TaskUs work?

Launch by TaskUs makes it easy to get the outsourced talent you need today. Just contact us ( to discuss your project. We’ll work with you to determine the right team size, discuss training needs and deliverables and set a launch date that’s within two weeks of contract signing.

What services are included in Launch by TaskUs and is it right for me?

Launch by TaskUs provides you with the email and chat customer support you need now. Launch services also include data enrichment, content moderation and other back office activities.

How am I billed for Launch by TaskUs?

Once your program is live, we will bill you up front each month via credit card, ACH or wire transfer. Launch makes it easy to get what you need fast at a cost-effective price.

What is the minimum team size for Launch by TaskUs?

If you need three or more people to support your customer experience, Launch by TaskUs is right for you.

Who is currently using Launch by TaskUs?

Digital Ocean, Varagesale, and Spring are all Launch by TaskUs clients.

Will people be dedicated just to my brand?

Launch by TaskUs is designed to give clients fast access to outsourced customer experience talent without all of the requirements of a large-scale outsourcing engagement. Our teammates work on multiple programs because Launch gives you contract flexibility, as well as HOOP flexibility (hours of operation). Your volume dictates 4 people, but we can spread that over our team in a 24/7 environment, thereby not required the standard 16 full time employees to support that HOOP, still with the ability to expand, adding more excellent representatives of your brand.

Where will my team be located and what time zones will they work?

Launch by TaskUs teammates are located in our world-class delivery center in Cavite, Philippines. TaskUs is known for our ridiculously good offices and we’re sure they are not like any other outsourcing centers you may have seen. Also, to meet your customer support needs, our teammates are available 24/7.

How much does Launch by TaskUs cost?

Launch by TaskUs is a cost effective solution that lets rapidly growing companies scale their customer support teams. For more information on costs, please contact

As my support needs grow, can TaskUs grow with me?

Absolutely! Launch by TaskUs is designed for fast-growing companies that need help scaling their customer support teams so employees, customers and shareholders are all happy. Launch lets you focus on your core business, while we focus on ramping up your customer experience team. It’s win win.

What are the Launch by TaskUs contract terms?

Launch by TaskUs is the easiest way to ramp a world-class customer service team while minimizing the risks often associated with long-term outsourcing contracts. Launch is a rolling 30-day, risk-free solution to your customer services needs. Once the contract is signed, you will pay upfront, we will put a Launch strategy together for you and then go live. And you can cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.

How soon can I have a customer support team?

Launch by TaskUs is designed for quick implementation. First of all, we can help you customize and document your internal process so they are optimized for training and then we can recruit and train your team within two weeks. It’s fast, easy, high-quality customer support designed just for you.

Is there a discount if I prepay for a year of service?

Launch by TaskUs is designed to not have the restrictions of a typical outsourcing contract, and it includes a 30-day rolling-no-risk contract that you can cancel without the typical penalties. There are no discounts for longer-term engagements.

How is Launch by TaskUs different from TaskUs’ standard

Standard outsourcing services typically mean 15-20+ teammates minimum and take much longer to onboard. Launch by TaskUs is completely different. Our 30-day contract, small team size and pre-paid billing model are all tailored to give you the benefits of outsourcing without all of the commitments and challenges. With Launch, you can agree to the Terms of Service, complete an order form and schedule a call with our Implementation Team all in the same day.

Why is it called Launch by TaskUs?

Launch by TaskUs is here to help you do just that – launch a team of customer experience experts just for you. We will put your customer support in hyper-drive and scale with your rapidly-growing business. If you know your brand will be the next unicorn, Launch will help you get there!

How do you know this model works?

We know Launch by TaskUs works because it’s how TaskUs was born. As a startup outsourcer, we implemented small teams to support the needs of rapidly growing startups and bet big on their growth. Those bets paid off and our clients are now major disruptors in their industries and TaskUs is still their outsourcer of choice to help them scale and sustain their hyper-growth.

How do I get started?

Ready to start your Launch by TaskUs customer support program? Contact us today!