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    We power the platforms and customer experiences of globally leading brands in the cryptocurrency and NFT marketplaces through cutting-edge innovation, industry-leading security, and people-first principles

Crypto & NFT with TaskUs

Safety, Security, and First-Class Service Through and Through

With over 10 years of experience in the Financial Technology space, coupled with an intense focus on Crypto and NFT transaction monitoring over the past 5 years, we leverage the absolute best in people, processes, and technology to give our clients’ customers a world-class, full 360-degree experience in the areas of security, accessibility, and CX.

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Best-In-Class Security

PCI and SOC 2-certified for both our on-site campaigns and our work-from-home (WFH) model, your customers’ data security is given the highest priority.

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World-Class CX

With an average of 93% CSAT (as of June 2021) versus the 90% target average for our FinTech campaigns, your customers are guaranteed an amazing experience.

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Efficiency Through Innovation

With 10+ proprietary innovation solutions and tools per campaign, we continuously streamline our process to make it more efficient and cost-effective.


CSAT Score Across FinTech Clients


Years of Industry-Leading Support

Industry Experts

We currently work with some of the biggest, most innovative companies in the Crypto & NFT space. Our partnerships continue to bare amazing results that are both impactful and long-lasting. We want you to join us in this journey as well.


Teammates Supporting Crypto + NFT Customers


Unique Lines of Business Supported

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Building a Global Economy

As the crypto and NFT space grows, the need to ensure the safety and security of the infrastructure has become more critical. Fraud prevention, transaction monitoring, and compliance checks are only a few steps that cryptocurrency exchange platforms need to take to protect consumers and to maintain a competitive edge over a traditional financial system.

At TaskUs, we take safety and security with the utmost seriousness. Partnered with innovative global cryptocurrency exchange platforms, we understand the importance of safeguarding our clients’ and their customers’ assets and data. We crafted recommendations intended to guide these companies in keeping their systems and processes protected and to adapt to the changing needs of their customers and the possible impacts of regulations.

Investing in Human Moderators

We select Teammates with expertise in fraud and data breach detection. Continuous training and auditing of moderators are also in place as significant changes within the platform can happen anytime, making it vital to provide solutions as quickly as possible.

Making Use of Innovative Technologies

TaskUs leverages in-depth experience in both data classification and human-annotated training data with the goal of creating innovative AI solutions for disruptive industries, including the NFT market. We make use of Two-Factor Authentication and the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes to authenticate customer identity and access to detect potential fraudsters.

Prioritizing Scope and Scale

We continuously work with the world’s most disruptive companies, delivering excellent results for key players from across all industries. This positions TaskUs as a competitive partner for platforms looking into integrating non-fungible tokens into their customer experience DNA.

Working with Field Experts

We believe in the importance of humans and technology in driving excellent results, and we make sure that the humans behind our processes are knowledgeable, competent, and empowered through comprehensive training and wellness programs.

Ensuring the Well-Being of Online Moderators

TaskUs’ comprehensive wellness program provides psychological support to Teammates handling sensitive digital artworks content/uploads. Our approach goes beyond reactive responses. We proactively support our Teammates’ mental health and resiliency skills they need in order to support them do their demanding and essential work.

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Crypto + NFT at TaskUs: A Snapshot

The strength of our crypto + NFT capabilities are in the numbers. Here is an overview of the service offerings, headcount, and key success metrics of our partner brands.

Total Teammates/FTEs: 2,250
Average CSAT: 93%
Average Annualized Attrition Rate: 22.4%
Lines of Business
Crypto & NFT Fraud Prevention
We follow the appropriate steps to investigate the case, send warning macros, or even ban accounts if necessary.

Crypto & NFT Transaction Monitoring

All content is monitored and screened. We check the validity information and ensure that both customers and businesses alike follow the guidelines of our clients.

Identity Verification

We showcase our expertise in handling different verification methods such as ID, biometric, liveness, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), among others.

Blended (Voice, Chat, Email) CX Support

Over 60%+ of our Teammates are digital omnichannel experts with a 93% average CSAT across all of our clients, campaigns, and lines of business.

Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing

We review suspicious activity, transactions, and pre-set alerts to detect anti-money laundering or fraud-related concerns and seek out verification from customers.


We assist customers with their payment dispute concerns, initiate retrieval requests from merchants, and assist customers with their next steps.

Payment Screening

We provide deep-dive assistance on the retrieval and requesting of missing critical details that are crucial in approving/rejecting transactions.

We are in compliance with Data Privacy Laws in our various sites namely: Philippines (RA10173), EU (GDPR), and California (CCPA).

TaskUs has been in the Crypto space since 2017 when we started our partnership with one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the market. To date, we have a rapidly growing 2,000+ Teammate count in the Crypto + NFT space providing support to the most disruptive crypto companies in the global market. 

Our agility, flexibility, and commitment to quality have been vital in providing world-class support to companies in the FinTech space. 

Whether you are launching an NFT Marketplace, a new digital wallet, or a crypto exchange platform, TaskUs can scale with you, grow with you and succeed with you.
Our Proven Expertise
Quality Customer Experience for a Large Digital Currency Exchange Company

Addressing queue diversification and developing new process flows were two of the solutions that TaskUs provided for one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the market to  achieve quality improvements in fraud prevention.

Technical Customer Support for a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

We mobilize our Teammates to be the best crypto ambassadors for our partners, enabling them to address simple to complex customer inquiries on account management, general crypto inquiries like deposit and withdrawal, and trading/selling account issues.

Formidable Transaction, Cryptocurrency, and NFT Security

We possess industry-leading certifications, approach, and infrastructure in handling your customers’ data, reviewing alerts to detect any anti-money laundering or fraud-related concerns and seeking out required documents for verification from the customers using all digital channels.

Revenue Growth Through Bespoke Back-Office Technology

Our FinTech/Crypto clients have experienced increases in revenue by up to 85% in as little as 3 months through our industry-leading tools in various back-office capabilities such as AML/CTF, chargebacks, payment screening, and business transaction monitoring.

Client Testimonials

TaskUs has provided an excellent layer of support to our internal team and our customers. Their attention to detail and commitment to helping our customers is seen every day in the quality of their work.

– Head of CX, Leading U.S. Crypto Exchange

Our partnership with TaskUs has been critical to the success of our CX and Fraud Operations. Across two geographies, they’ve recruited, trained, and upskilled CX Teammates to stay ahead of our demanding contact volumes and evolving channel strategy.

TaskUs fraud Teammates are the human-in-the-loop protecting our business and customers through account fraud reviews and driving policy compliance.

– Head of Vendor Management, Leading Online Investing Platform

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