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For more than 12 years, TaskUs has served as the trusted partner for 100+ of the world's most innovative, disruptive, and fastest-growing tech companies of the new economy. With brilliant people and innovative technology, we provide rapid scaling and transformational growth to technology companies nationwide.

Meet your Team

We were born on the web and grew up in the cloud which allows us to guide technology businesses strategically towards market domination. In fact, we're confident that at least three of the apps on your phone right now have "Us" powering their customer experience.

TaskUs is your go-to pro for scaling growth with quality customer support and delivering innovative workflows. With over 11 years of helping some of the world's coolest technology companies, we are your trusted advisor for boosting user adoption and delivering a customer experience that breeds revenue.

Although technology companies think complex support and troubleshooting can only be done internally, we debunk this myth with our proven ability to implement scalable and sustainable tech support. With automation, TaskUs brings new life to your operations by implementing AI solutions to help offload repetitive tasks and administration demands.

From the U.S. to Greece and everywhere in between, we partner with you to strategically expand your global footprint and provide agility on-demand.