Community Forum

Outsourcing glossary

Those stinking three letter words.

Here’s a quick guide to help understand the in’s and out’s of outsourcing.

Community Forum


A Community Forum is an online “meeting place” that is used to engage with others to debate, share knowledge and communicate with others about a wide range of topics participants are interested in discussing.

As it relates to customer experience, a Community Forum is a type of self-service support where customers can find a resolution to their problems without having to contact a customer service agent. As the saying goes, the best number of contacts is zero. Customers want to solve questions themselves.

According to Forrester, self-service usage is rising – increasing from 67% to 76%. Unfortunately, only 52.4% of customers find the information that they need on an online Community Forum.

As a true business partner, TaskUs can help shape your company’s self-service tools to provide a clear and concise user experience.