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A Quick Look

For more than 12 years, TaskUs has served as the trusted partner for some of the most renowned brands in the interactive entertainment industry. When gaming companies, no matter the sub-vertical, want to develop and scale the ultimate player experience for both their brand and their customers, they partner with TaskUs as a way to differentiate their approach to the gaming experience and develop a superior competitive advantage in a crowded market.

Meet Your Team
Pete Milovcich

Sally Stromme

Helping to Support a Variety of Gamers
Digital Distributors
Services We Offer
Gamer Experience
CS Services
  • In Game & App Support
  • Legacy & New Title Global Support
  • Account Management
  • Technical Product Support
  • Subscription & Sales Generation
Digital Support
  • Voice
  • Email
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Social
  • In-Game Messaging

Content Security

Content Moderation

  • User Generated Live Stream, Video, Photo, and Text
  • Community & Forums
  • Marketplace & Advertising Approvals
  • Profile Reviews

Trust & Safety

  • Fraud, Abuse, and Grooming
  • Account Takeovers
  • Phishing Scams
  • Copyright Infringement

Back Office Support

Billing Support

  • Payment Processing
  • Product & In-Game Purchases
  • Subscription Up/Cross Selling
  • Cryptocurrency Support

Data Enrichment

  • Customer Review Monitoring
  • Data Entry
  • Online Research
  • Data Cleansing & Aggregation


Channel Strategy

  • Large Scale
  • Omni-Channel Solutions
  • Agent Enablement
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Process Optimization

  • Quality Assurance
  • Process Optimization
  • Outsourcing Readiness
  • Workforce Management

Key Differentiators

Digital Masters
We are highly adaptable and extremely flexible subscribing to cutting-edge technology and processes that enables us to revolutionize the gamer experience. Using such tools allows us to align, enhance, boost and/or reinvent our clients' CX needs for the modern age.
Cloud based system
Technology partners

Moderation Experts
TaskUs has a decade+ proven track record of monitoring live streaming, video, and text for copyright infringements, illegal content, real world violence, abuse, threatening content, scams, unauthorized advertising, and a plethora of additional support types.Actions we take include warning, banning, or escalating
Unique Lines of Business

Wellness Architects
We invest heavily in our Teammates' well-being and happiness. We're ridiculously focused on the people that help our clients shine, improving everyday engagement and decreasing the stress burdened upon our front line employees. TaskUs has implemented unique workspace along with industry leading wellness standards and programs.
Six Sigma and COPC Trained Teams

Partnership Builders
Establishing a true proactive partnership and aligning culturally are key a successful client engagements. Our CS and Operations teams work hand-in-hand with our Client POC on a daily basis to bring impactful insight and innovation to each campaign. Gaming is also in the TaskUs DNA. Our centers hold ESports tournaments and provide dedicated gaming stations for our frontline gamers.
Gaming Clients across various sub-verticals.
Dedicated Gaming Support Teammates

Scaling & Quality Experts:
TaskUs is the global leader in helping companies to scale headcount, processes, Quality, and technical infrastructure successfully through energy and passion, scaling programs by over 5,000%. Our wide-range of clients are newly funded, youthful, and established heritage companies and businesses with S1B+ valuations.
Average Campaign Growth
Clients with Valuations of over $1 Billion
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