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    Transform. Innovate. Accelerate. Go even farther with holistic digital solutions that drive your business forward through both AI-powered and people-first solutions.

Get Ahead:
A Solutions-Driven Approach

TaskUs provides solutions that get you miles ahead.

We power the most disruptive and high-growth travel and transportation brands around the world through pioneering AI solutions, optimizing operational processes, driving cost efficiencies, and maximizing omnichannel customer experiences.

Travel and Hospitality

Craft human-centered experiences that foster trust, build loyalty, and create value for your customers.

Mobility / Logistics

Build your digital fleet and command center with leading-edge AI to take your logistics systems to the next level.

On-Demand Delivery

Conquer the next era of on-demand delivery by providing fast, reliable, and efficient fulfillment anytime, anywhere.

Travel and Hospitality

Serve the connected traveler wherever they are in their journey. From intelligent chatbots to machine learning platforms and everything in between, we ensure authentic human factor trims costs and crafts interactions that create lasting value.

Home-sharing and Vacation Rentals
Build scalability, flexibility, and security for travel companies to delight customers and build loyalty.
Reservations and Booking
Harness digital mastery to handle the end-to-end travel ecosystem.
Aggregated Travel Marketplace
Provide support coverage from sales to merchant onboarding to supporting this dynamic marketplace.
Tours and Tickets

Account verifications, payments, and real-time alerts to ensure smooth transactions and increased revenue.

Taking Travel to the Future

Poised to Rapidly Scale

Be on top of the ebb and flow of traveler demands. Ensure agility and full coverage with TaskUs’ always-on, high-performance teams.

Impeccable CX at Every Turn

Provide unparalleled traveler experiences. Drive loyalty through insights-backed, end-to-end CX to exceed customer expectations.

Get Ahead with Innovation

Identify efficiency opportunities with automation and machine learning to enhance the speed and quality of your frontline team.

Mobility / Logistics

Harness digital technology to gain better supply chain visibility and take the guesswork out of your most intricate logistics operations. Drive efficiencies, lower costs, and carve more ways to increase value.

Last-Mile Delivery
Connect the dots and create a frictionless experience for customers, drivers, and merchants.
Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles
Ensure quality, predictability, and safety for the future of sustainable travel.
Create a seamless journey for customers from micro-transit to car-sourcing and everything in between.
Digital Fleet
Streamline processes, increase visibility, and improve efficiency while keeping costs down.

A New Way Forward

Push Progress Higher

Adopt leading-edge technologies that utilize automation, IoT, and predictive analytics to drive long-term efficiencies to your fleet and rider network.

Take Productivity Farther

Optimize operations, boost productivity, and exceed targets with the perfect balance of innovative tools and high performing people.

Get There Faster

Outpace uncertainty as you push for growth. Achieve workforce excellence, intelligent operations, and a culture of innovation to boost your trajectory.

On-Demand Delivery

Stay on top of fluctuating customer demands and seize growth opportunities within a three-sided marketplace. Surpass delivery benchmarks at every turn while building trust with merchants, delivery partners, and, of course, your target customers.

Food and Restaurants
Create a seamless customer experience in delivering food to homes from local, national, ghost, and virtual kitchens.
Groceries and Essentials
Build scalable and speedy solutions for merchants to deliver convenience, pharmacy, and everyday goods to customers.
Alcoholic Beverages
Curate customer favorites and enhance their experience, all while ensuring the trust and safety of merchants and drivers.

Excellence at Your Doorstep

Multi-Vector Marketplace Excellence

Deliver authentic interactions and impactful experiences at every touchpoint. Eliminate variables as you serve a vibrant and continuously evolving marketplace.

Growth Through Agility and Flexibility

Support your partner network and build a stellar seller experience whether you’re growing your footprint or expanding your offerings.

Peace of Mind Through Innovation

From order processing to customer security, harness digital technologies to create a seamless end-to-end experience with speed, safety, and scalability.

Proof of Excellence

Driving Structure and Growth
How we supported the client’s complex logistics process and delivered initiatives instrumental to their growth.
Going Beyond the Frame
How we went above and beyond in menu photography for a restaurant delivery client.
Living the Suite Life
How we solved and sustained the client’s seasonal scaling issues, all while increasing CSAT in the process.
  • Scott Carlson
    VP for Global Sales (Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality)

    When it comes to large, fragmented, growing, and dynamic industries such as Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality, we don’t just stick to the itinerary. We believe in brave, innovative, out-of-the-box solutions that bring in real results—driving better, bigger, and more enduring value to our clients. This allows Us to thrive and remain a trusted business process partner by several of today’s industry-leading and most disruptive companies. And we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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