Inquiry Analysis for CSAT and Workforce Improvements

Our client is the sixth largest eCommerce company in the world and their app-based marketplace is changing the way people sell and shop fashion and home goods. At the time they partnered with TaskUs, they were adding a whopping eight million customers a month!

But with this massive growth, scaling pressures became insurmountable and, ultimately, CSAT scores dropped. Before partnering with TaskUs, our client was relying on contractors for customer support and CSAT was consistently hovering below 70, at times reaching as low as 50.

As a result of partnering with TaskUs, we performed a thorough analysis to determine the root cause of customer dissatisfaction. This enabled us to create a tangible course of action that resulted in a 30 point increase in CSAT as well as a 50% reduction time in recruiting for the campaign. Read our full case study here.

Case Study