The New Standard: Why Employee Obsession Matters

When we first surveyed our teammates back in 2014, we wanted the data to back up our thought that TaskUs was a great place to work. To our surprise, our eNPS score came back a mere 4, and that’s on a scale of -100 to +100.

Our eNPS, now up to 63 from our rock bottom score of 4, is reflective of our culture. Our eNPS has risen steadily quarter-over-quarter and is comparable to great cultures like those at Harley Davidson, Apple and Lego. Our hypothesis that focusing on eNPS like revenue or profit would drive a better culture for our employees has proved to be true. More importantly, we now have the data to show exactly why this approach has also led to better business outcomes.

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  • Do Employees Matter Anymore?
  • Are Happier Employees Better Employees?
  • Contributing Factors to Employee Happiness
  • Free Lunch is Worthless and Other Employee Satisfaction Secrets
  • Employees vs Robots: Race to the Bottom or Cycle to the Top?
  • Pay Execs Based on Employee Happiness

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