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Better workflow means minimizing, removing, and/or automating simple and monotonous tasks with the goal of higher-value, decision-focused work. maximizing productivity, speed, and accuracy.

AutomateUs consists of cutting-edge, AI-powered programs and Six Sigma methodologies aimed at streamlining the workflow process. This reduces cost and allows Teammates to focus on higher-value, decision-focused work.

Promoting Meaningful, Purposeful Work


Provides easy-to-use, automated tools that enhance the speed and quality of our Teammates’ work.


Guides Teammates effectively through decision trees and process flows that seamlessly overlay on client applications.


Allocates Teammates towards more complex, empathetic, and stimulating work that relies on human judgement.

Technology-Powered Human Ingenuity

AutomateUs’ suite of innovations, such as HyRo and Swift, successfully eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline work processes. This substantially reduces costs and shifts Teammates’ attention to more to decision-focused tasks.

Fully autonomous, AutomateUs solutions function as 24/7 Teammates, accomplishing pre-programmed tasks that yield high efficiency and error-free output.


Efficiency Increase


Data Accuracy


Savings Per Month
Per Solution


A bespoke yet powerful Hybrid Robot (“HyRo”) that fully automates the high-volume, repetitive tasks of frontline Teammates for maximized efficiency and error-free output.

Operating with 100% accuracy, HyRo is able to fully automate over 70% of the frontline’s non-customer-facing prep work, leading directly to more customers being accommodate and higher customer satisfaction.

A Video Case Study on an innovative, automated solution promoting meaningful and efficient work.


A fully autonomous tracking tool that works around-the-clock to speed up the process of monitoring and updating the status of shipments, particularly the necessary equipment utilized by work-from-home Teammates.

With 100% accuracy, Swift runs in the background as it checks the progress of the asset dispatch, retrieves important data from the courier website, and automatically feeds updates to the Onboarding Team. As a highly reliable tool, it significantly cuts down on manual processing time, allowing its users to maximize productivity on other high-level tasks.

A Video Case Study on intelligent, efficient, and 24/7 tracking.

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