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A Quick Look
and Digital Healthcare

For more than 11 years, TaskUs has served as the trusted partner for 100 + of the world’s most innovative, disruptive, and fastest-growing companies. When digital insurance providers, consumer health and wellness disruptors, and digital therapeutics providers want to develop and scale a sophisticated customer experience, they partner with TaskUs as a way to differentiate their approach and increase patient satisfaction.

Meet Your Team
Pete Milovcich

Position, Department

Maggie Joyce

Position, Department

We Work with a Variety of Health & Wellness Customers
Consumer Health
& Wellness Products
Digital Healthcare
SaaS Providers
Healthcare Players
Services We Offer for Health & Wellness


Patient & Consumer Services

  • Patient Access & Scheduling
  • Patient Engagement
  • Eligibility & Enrollment
  • Pharmacy Support
  • Consumer Onboarding, CX, Tech, Sales, Retention, and Product Support.

Digital Blended Channels

  • Voice
  • Email
  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Social
  • In-App Messaging

Patient & Consumer Back
Office Services

Billing & Claims Support

  • Claims Denials & Processing
  • Subscription Support
  • Product Billing & Payments

Data Entry & Aggregation

  • Physician Platform Data Cleansing
  • Document & Prescription Verification

Trust & Safety

  • Fraud Prevention for Marketplaces
  • Escalations

CX Consulting

Process Optimization

  • New Product Launch
  • New Market Launch
  • Patient & Consumer Journey Mapping
  • Workforce Management & Forecasting
  • Quality Framework

Channel Strategies

  • CX Strategy & Transformation
  • Omni-Channel Implementation
  • Technology & UX Enhancement
  • Consumer Segmentation
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