Frequently Asked Questions

Attendee Instructions
  1. Go to
  2. Select login to enter the event.
  3. Enter the email you registered with and click continue.
  • If you already have an Airmeet account, you will be prompted to input your password to login. Test your setup (enable camera & mic) and select enter venue.
  • If you do not have an Airmeet account, you will be prompted to create your account. A 6 digit code will be sent to your email for verification. Please check your spam folder. Input the code and click continue. Input your full name, create a password and select sign up. Complete your attendee card and click continue. Enable camera & mic and select enter venue.
I am experiencing difficulty in logging in to the Airmeet Platform. What should I do?
  • Technical Instructions
    • Use a laptop or desktop computer
    • Use Chrome browser with version 79 or later
    • Enable your mic and camera when joining the event
    • Disable VPN/firewall settings (in the case of official laptops)
    • A stable internet connection is essential. If possible, sit near your wifi router. Close all unnecessary browser tabs and applications to maximize your bandwidth.
  • Troubleshooting Tip
    Refresh/restart the browser and ensure no other video conferencing tools are active in other tabs.
  • Help Desk
    Go to
    Meeting ID: 278 005 3738
Where can I submit my question/s to the moderator?
  • Send it to the assigned representative and they will be the one to communicate directly to the moderator.
  • If the moderator is present at the lounge, you could directly connect with them too.
What is the difference between Lounge and Booth areas?
  • Lounge is for the Networking and Roundtable Sessions.
  • Booth is an area to get a chance to know more about the TaskUs Services which are Consulting, AI Ops, Content Security and Digital Customer Experience.
Can I interact with other participants?
  • Yes, this should be your view when you enter the Lounge Area to network.
Can I jump from one session to the next?
  • Yes, although we recommend choosing and completing one session so you will be able to grasp the discussion and key learnings.
Where do I go if I experience technical difficulties while on the Airmeet platform?
  • Enter the Reception by clicking on the Main Menu. Click the Tech Support link under Help Desk then you will be redirected to a Zoom Link. The assigned representative will guide you from there.
Where can I submit my feedback about the Session or the whole Event?
  • We will be sending a post-event email where you may provide your feedback.
Can we have a copy of the recorded sessions?
  • The sessions will be available on-demand soon on our website. Please anticipate an email from Us on how to access them.