Taking the Work to The People

[caption id="attachment_3348" align="aligncenter" width="582"]TaskUs office building TaskUs' success has come from going against the grain and setting up locations outside metro Manila.[/caption]

TaskUs CEO, Bryce Maddock, was recently interviewed by TechInAsia in an article that lays bare the reason the company has been so successful at recruiting some of the best talent in the Philippines -- and more importantly -- holding on to team members.

"For people working at Manila-based BPOs, commute times can be as long as two hours each way,” Maddock says in the article. "We asked ourselves, ‘what if we brought this work to the people?'” 

To read the complete article, Forget Manila - CEO says startups should head to the Philippine provinces.

Michael Buenaventura

August 14, 2014