Why Your Multichannel Strategy Isn’t Working


Your multichannel strategy isn't working, but you're not alone.

The digital age has fundamentally transformed consumer expectations. This expanding breed of empowered customers not only wants to purchase products and services differently, but they are not satisfied with antiquated methods of support experiences like phone and email. They want to choose their preferred channel of contact, and for the business to know them and their preferences.

From one customer experience (CX) leader to another, I understand the urge to adopt many different channels in the spirit of being modern and available to your customers. However, this is not the best approach to meet your customers where they are, and more often than not, this unnecessarily burns cash flow and lacks true customer intelligence.

With eight channels of communication that you could interact with customers, we often think that we should implement all of them to cover our bases and empower our customers with every road possible to engage with us. This is one of the most popular misconceptions in the industry and the reason why your multichannel strategy isn't working. Instead of rushing or assuming what customer support channels to implement, take a step back and methodically determine the right channels for your customer base.

When choosing customer support channels, start from a blank slate and build your foundations for a multichannel strategy on what is driving the need for an improved or expanded CX strategy. Although there are several components in developing a channel strategy, this initial step will help you begin your blueprint for a customer experience channel strategy and uncover the roots of your customers' needs.

Did you know that 84% of organizations concertedly working to improve customer experience have experienced an increase in revenue? So why not rethink your CX channel strategy and increase your profit and brand potential?

Download our eBook, How to Blueprint Your CX Channel Strategy, and discover how to:

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September 13, 2018