Why San Antonio?

Each day that I come into work in our unique and quickly growing office space, I think more and more that San Antonio is the perfect place for TaskUs. For starters, San Antonio's friendly and inviting culture fits perfectly with what TaskUs stands for and the the type of people we want to attract. San Antonio is filled with intelligent Millennials who are eager to add value to our business and help cultivate our vision with an unimaginable innovative way of thinking! I'm constantly impressed and so proud of our growing team here in San Antonio.

San Antonio is a great place for an onshore outsourcing option with 4% saturation and 81 operations sites. It is a great place to find a qualified workforce, the weather is stable, it's in the central time zone, and the cost of living is 13.5% below the national average. These, among with many other details, contribute to the attractiveness of San Antonio as an outsourcing destination.

Globally, across all of our sites, TaskUs operates with the same principle of deeply caring about our employees and the employee experience. In San Antonio, it's no different. When we hire someone, it's because we know they are great and know they will succeed. We empower and motivate our employees to let them think freely and encourage them to challenge the status quo. We aren't satisfied with ‘good enough,' we want to be a great place to work that turns out exceptional work for our clients, and we know that starts with the employees. That's what makes us so different from other companies in San Antonio.

Can you imagine a place where our customer service team smiles on their way into work?? This is the type of place we create. We have as much fun as possible while still servicing our clients with top notch quality and satisfaction scores. Work Hard, Have Fun - it's what we do.

Way too often, showing employees that you care and that they are valued, is openly expressed, and then lost in execution. Trusting co-workers can be difficult because of the nature of the relationship or perhaps, past experiences. Great ideas can be quickly shut down, leaving people feeling discouraged to think differently and express their valid opinions. I'm proud to work for TaskUs who, as a TEAM, represents the complete opposite of this mentality. We are different. We are unique. We are Ridiculously Good in everything we do! TaskUs is truly an amazing place to work and San Antonio is the perfect place to continue to grow the business.

Claudia Bazaldua

Site Director, San Antonio
March 27, 2017