Why Long-Term Outsourcing Partners Perform Better

Outsourcing partners play a critical role in their clients' strategic goals with their staff, technology, processes and resources to reduce internal overhead. Deloitte found 53 percent of companies outsourced IT services and 16 percent used outsourcing for back office tasks, such as HR functions. While outsourcing continues to gain popularity, Customer Think found 25 percent of these projects fail to deliver as expected. Long-term outsourcing partners may be the solution to your dissatisfaction with your customer experience, as they offer a different perspective than project-based partners.

Familiarity With Your Processes

How long does it take for you to get outsourcing partners up to speed on your business processes, solutions and structure? If you repeat this process every time you have outsourced back office needs, you are spending -- or, better, wasting -- a significant amount of time with the onboarding process. Long-term outsourcing partners go through this process once, improving their overall productivity and efficiency. This familiarity also helps your own personal productivity, as you aren't spending your time answering multiple questions on how to get access to vital tools or where the partners should send reports.

You spend less time hand-holding your back office support, and more time enjoying the strategic advantages. In addition, you gain a consistent relationship instead of planning around periods of decreased productivity while you provision accounts for new vendors and train them on your systems. Over time, these outsourcing partners begin to feel like a seamless, scalable extension of your own staff, available when you need them the most.

Shift From Project- or Campaign-Based Goals

Short-term partners look at your projects or campaigns and focus on getting these small-scale projects finished as efficiently as possible. However, they lack a big picture look at your overall business goals and, if you don't have an ongoing relationship, they lack the incentive to care about your future business plans.

But long-term outsourcing partners let you maximize long-tail ROI by framing their work through the development of your annual goals. They adapt their resources to complete project- or campaign-based goals in a way that contributes to your business goals -- improving productivity by a certain percentage throughout the organization or trying to meet specific revenue goals.

Proactive Consulting

Long-term outsourcing partners have a vested interest in seeing your business grow and succeed: Your relationship with them depends on your business success, so these partners go the extra mile to help you get there. Deloitte, for example, found 49 percent of companies were frustrated by vendors that were reactive instead of proactive. A long-term partnership moves the goalposts from task-oriented engagements toward proactive consulting.

These partners leverage their expertise, technology and other resources to proactively consult you on ways to improve back office support and other functions. You don't need to spend the time polling your partners for information and feedback -- they have it prepared for you. These outsourcing partners are also on top of any relevant industry news and solutions that could improve the way they handle your back office support.

A long-term outsourcing partner brings many strategic benefits to the table and addresses some outsourcing weak points you may experience with short-term partners. A long-term relationship with your outsourced back office service maximizes productivity and brings a completely different outsourcing perspective to the table.

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Michael Buenaventura

January 28, 2016