Why Every Product Launch Needs A Customer Experience Strategy


With 80% of new product launches failing annually, it's no wonder why modern businesses are looking for advice and guidance outside of their company resources.

The technology industry is perhaps the most vulnerable to product launch failures. Despite how innovative a new product might be, if the service experience that supports it is second rate, enthusiastic reviews will quickly turn into very public complaints. These issues can stem from a variety of reasons such as issues with customer support operations and quality design expertise or an absence of an end-to-end customer experience (CX) strategy to name a few.

A well-known social media company who had previously rolled out a bounty of successful online products and applications prepared to launch a new product that deviated from its typical playbook. With past product launches, typical customers were young, technically savvy, and well-versed in employing self-service tools and user communities if they needed support. However, its leaders knew that their existing approach to customer support wasn't going to match the need of the new product due to a broader audience profile in regards to age and technical skill.

This online social giant turned to the CX consulting experts at TaskUs to design a CX strategy for their new product and to build out a customized, end-to-end CX strategy that would work for their new group of users. The ultimate goal of this project was to gain rave reviews from customers while also providing effective content to enable agents to be successful.

Read this case study to learn how TaskUs CX consultants developed a process map for each intended experience, optimized and developed channels and agent performance, and created a CX organization that fostered the success and adoption of their new product.

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August 09, 2018