Who Should Respond to Customer Support Surveys?

Customer feedback is an essential part of creating a better customer experience, as you can't tailor the CX without knowing what the problem is. The customers who contact you directly with complaints and problems are in the minority, as HelpScout reports 26 customers with problems remain silent for every customer who speaks up. One way to encourage more customer feedback is to respond to customer support surveys to show you care about their input. Survey Gizmo found 81 percent of customers would be more willing to give feedback if they believed they would get a timely response, but 43 percent of customers don't feel companies care enough to respond. For many companies, the question comes down to this: who should respond to customer support surveys?

Customer Success

Companies with a customer success team, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses, may delegate ownership of customer support surveys and other feedback methods to this team. Customer success proactively handles customers as a primary job duty, helping them to achieve success with a product or service. This team has experience handling customers who may not be frustrated enough to contact customer support directly but still require assistance. They know how to turn angry customers into passionate customer advocates and use these skills to address customer feedback.

Customer Experience

Customer experience teams are dedicated to understanding what makes the best CX, strategies to improve CX and what the company's customers want. When this team handles customer feedback directly, they get an unfiltered view of what the silent majority of customers have on their minds. These customers won't pick up a phone, but a convenient customer support survey empowers them to give direct feedback. The customer experience team already works directly with customers to start conversations about their experiences, so handling customer feedback fits neatly into the department's existing responsibilities.

Voice of the Customer

Companies gathering a large amount of customer feedback data can use a full-blown voice of the customer team to handle feedback responses. The VoC team is dedicated to what customers are thinking and feeling throughout every touchpoint, so they make a logical choice for going through customer survey data and handling feedback. The feedback adds insight into other VoC data they gather, giving the team better visibility into the customers' wants and needs. If you have a VoC team, they typically handle the full lifecycle of the customer support surveys and other feedback tools.

Departments Named in Surveys

Customers may bring up issues concerning specific departments, such as the customer support department or the sales department. The most relevant department may want to field this feedback directly to give the best responses to the customers. If the customer has a complaint about the way a software feature works, the feedback may be directed to your software engineering team. This team can explain the reasoning behind the software feature functionality. If the customer has suggestions on improving a customer support channel, the CS department can start a conversation.

You don't always have the resources on hand to connect a customer with a busy department, such as engineering or another specialized position that's not customer-centric. When you can go the extra mile and send the customer to the place they get the most relevant information, you make them feel valued for contributing their feedback.

There's no one answer for the right department or team to answer customer feedback. Use the resources you have on hand to provide timely, relevant feedback responses for your customers. For some companies, the customer experience team is the perfect fit. For others, a VoC team is on top of it.

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March 16, 2016