Whether you're a startup who is experiencing hyper-growth or a company who has just launched a new product, there is an influx of email support tickets and a long line of customers waiting on hold to speak with the next representative.

Regardless of digital support channels like chat, consumers still hold a deep affinity for email support--especially millennials. Although this is a preferred support channel across most industries, some brands are still missing the mark when it comes to providing a great customer experience through email. SuperOffice's 2018 Customer Service Benchmark Report found that an astounding 62% of companies do not respond to customer service emails! Moreover, out of the companies who do respond to customer service emails, 90% of them do not inform the customer that their email was received which leaves the customer wondering if their message went to an agent or the abyss. Moreover, the average response time was 12 hours and 10 minutes--yikes.

Contrary to common belief, chatbots have not and will not completely replace human phone support agents. This is because there is something intrinsically powerful about the direct connection between two people, especially when there is a need for problem-solving, immediacy, and the emotional expression of an apology. Although phone support has consistently been stereotyped as the most frustrating support channel, it doesn't have to be. For companies who get it right, it can be a beneficial addition to your multichannel strategy.

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a byproduct of your channel offerings and measures your customers' emotional experiences during a customer support interaction. The moments that CSAT captures becomes an indivisible component of the type of customer experience your brand solicits. Organizations with the highest customer satisfaction rates are the ones that not only offer the channels of contact that their customers' prefer, but also focus on optimizing each channel to improve the experience.

But, how do you effectively optimize email and voice channels while maintaining a CSAT score of 90 and above?

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Aaron Fischer

SVP of Sales
September 26, 2018