In Memory of Vincent Sheker

This Tuesday morning we received the sad news that TaskUs Training Director, Vincent Sheker passed away. Vince was instrumental to TaskUs' development and built our training department from scratch. Over the past year he was an integral part of scaling some of our fastest growing clients, ensuring that every teammate had the skills needed to succeed. Vincent also championed ongoing leadership development across our organization and built the first e-learning platform at TaskUs.

Despite his many accomplishments, it is Vince's relentless positivity and work ethic that we will remember most. Even after Vince took ill, he made work a priority and quickly returned to work with a smile on his face supporting TaskUs when we needed him the most. Last summer, as we were ramping a new account, we were short recruiters to review writing exams. Vincent stepped up, working overtime to ensure we hit our hiring deadline. This January, when we were pitching a huge potential client Vincent toughed out his illness to be part of the presentation team.

We want to pass our deepest condolences on to the Sheker family.

Vince continues to be an inspiration to everyone at TaskUs and we will miss him very much. His commitment to empowering the people of TaskUs with the skills they needed to advance their careers and lives perfectly embodies the mission of our organization.

-- Bryce & Jaspar

Bryce Maddock

CEO and Founder
June 16, 2015