Ridiculously Good Reads: Twitter is getting sued; Company Culture; Apple's Future

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Two Financial Advisers Accuse Twitter of Secondary Market Fraud

The New York Times

Yesterday, two investors sued Twitter claiming they were owed stocks totaling $278 million through an investment they made via a third party. Twitter claims that their claims are completely invalid; however, its timing is not good for Twitter's IPO.

Why should you read this?
1) Twitter is getting sued - whoa.
2) It's a sketchy situation, but very interesting.


Fast Company

At TaskUs, company culture is paramount to our success, and we put a lot of emphasis on fostering incredible company culture. Building company culture isn't an easy task, and unfortunately there's no roadmap you can follow to make a great culture at your organization. Culture emerges from the people and values present at your company, so aligning those two with your ideal culture is very important.

Why should you read this?
1) You spend more time at work than anywhere else.
2) Company culture is tied to company success - you need to care about culture.

The trouble with investors' "Jack & the Beanstalk” approach to Apple's growth


Recently, analysts reported that the number of visitors to Apple's stores is plateauing; now people are talking about Apple's decline to irrelevance. Apple receiving less visitors is notable, but doesn't equate to the company's demise. Apple will continue to sell millions of products, and its profits will continue to grow.

Why should you read this?
1) Apple is newsworthy. Period.


October 31, 2013