Top 3 Customer Experience Reads for the Week

Customer experience (CX) is gaining a lot of traction as the next business practice that can deliver a competitive advantage for companies -- especially emerging, growth companies that cater to Millennials, or companies that rely on digital/technology to deliver products and services. That's why it's even more important these days to stay abreast of developments, thought leadership and best practices within CX.

That's why we're going to make it a habit to share some of the best posts/ideas and thought leadership we catch while we're perusing the interwebs looking for the next best thing in CX.

Get Real

Okay, it's not from the last week but it is #tbt so we're going to cheat a bit on this one. If you're going to read one post on CX this week make it 7 Signs of Decline for the CX Movement in 2015 by Colin Shaw, CEO of Beyond Philosophy a CX consultancy.

The hype surrounding CX has Shaw (and us) a little nervous organizations may be doing little more than paying lip service to CX by adopting one of these seven, flawed perspectives on what CX is and how to tackle improving it. Don't fall prey to ANY of these seven deadly sins!

Go Employees!

Touchpoint Dashboard's VP of Customer Experience drives home a point that TaskUs is passionate about: "Without your employees, you have no customer experience."

Her post, What Do Your Employees Know About Customer Experience, tackles an issue most organizations seem happy to ignore: The clear connection between engaged employees and a great customer experience.

Go Deep

The final must-read for the week is from Forrester's Ken Calhoon who emphasizes the importance of going beyond putting lipstick on the proverbial pig in Digital Customer Experience Must Be More Than Skin Deep.

While the article is a bit of a shill for Forrester's new (but enticing) Customer Experience Index, it tackles an important question: are organizations focusing on front-end customer experience at the expense of the much-needed digital transformation that has to take place in order to deliver truly valuable experiences?

Michael Buenaventura

April 23, 2015