Tips to Build an Amazing Customer Experience

You spend a significant amount of resources refining your company's products and services, but if you fall short when customers need customer support, it's all for naught. Look at the outcry over Comcast's lackadaisical customer service experiences. Recordings are splashed across social media, the brand's reputation is trashed, and consumers are looking elsewhere. Building an amazing customer experience (CX) is the difference between supporting your customers throughout the complete sales cycle and dropping them off as soon as they make the first purchase.

Expressing Your Company's Core Values and Culture

What are your company's core values? Your company's core values are a foundation for how your brand is expressed through operational procedures, which is why it's so important to define what motivations your company has from inception. A firmly defined company culture drives operational express from the ground up. Take a look at Zappos, for example. Their core values encompass delivering a wow factor through service, being creative and open minded, adding some weirdness, and to do more with less, among others. These values are reflected at every level of the company, from the C-level to the customer service representatives.

How Do You Reach Valuable Customers?

Do you know who your most valuable customers are? Countless analytics tools are on the market to crawl through your customer data and explain what their problems are, the types of solutions they're looking for, and the places they are looking for solutions. Put yourself in the potential buyer's shoes through direct engagement, buyer personas and other marketing initiatives. Understand their needs, worries, aspirations, and motivations to tailor the CX for valuable customers.

Providing a Foundation for Feedback

How do you know you're providing a quality CX if you have no way to engage with customers or employees? Create a foundation for feedback to get valuable information on what works, what doesn't, and how to change the CX for the better. Social media platforms are an excellent option for engaging directly with customers in an unfiltered medium. Utilize surveys and feedback forms within your business applications to provide employees with an easy way to gather information about the CX.

How Do Your Customers Reach You?

Do you have a customer journey map? Sales and marketing funnels sometimes have a problem with being too linear to accurately depict how your customers reach you. A customer journey map shows the entire CX, providing you with a framework of understanding. If you know the most common paths customers are reaching you, or leaving the journey, you can identify where your support needs are greatest.

Your Long-term CX Strategy

Your short-term customer support needs may be covered, but are you ready to tackle a sustainable long term plan? The CX is an essential growth factor, yet many companies focus too much on sales and marketing plans and not enough on what to do with the customer once they're on your company's radar. Formulate a plan that can accommodate fluctuating growth, with scalability in mind.

The CX is a major key to growth, revenue, and long-term company success. Understanding and refining the CX is essential to staying on top of the competition and positioning your company for strategic growth. Customers have the entire Internet to search for products and services, so the CX often means the difference between keeping a loyal customer around and losing them completely.



Michael Buenaventura

April 30, 2015