The Filipino Spirit Is Waterproof

An Open Letter To Our Amazing TaskUs Family

Dear TaskUs Family,

It is difficult to summarize in a brief letter what tremendous team members can mean to a growing company. Times of great crisis can cause large companies to crumble and small businesses to fail entirely. We are well aware of the challenges a natural disaster could pose to our business, but we find ourselves amazed and inspired by your response to recent flooding in Manila, Philippines.

Your actions were selfless and definitive evidence that Filipino spirit is, in fact, waterproof.

To summarize briefly, Manila residents have been burdened this week by flooding attributed to seasonal monsoon rains and a tropical storm. By the numbers, Manila accumulated 504 millimeters (roughly 20 inches) of rainfall within a matter of hours. To provide perspective, Manila experiences an average of 375 millimeters of rainfall throughout the entire month of August in an average year. For Manila's 12 million residents, landslides and flash flooding would destroy homes, shut down many roads and forced the evacuation of 780,000 people. Despite the extraordinary circumstances, TaskUs employees rose.

Despite the extraordinary circumstances, TaskUs employees rose.

At the heart of TaskUs, lies an incredible team of individuals striving to provide unrivaled service to our clients at any cost. As I commuted to the office on Tuesday evening, I saw first hand what each of you faced. I was one kilometer away from the office when my taxi had to turn back because the road became impassable, due to floodwaters waist high.

The Filipino Government actually issued instructions for all citizens to stay off the streets and not go to work until disaster relief steps were taken. TaskUs employees had some very tough decisions to make. Fortunately, we received a resounding response from our team members that they were ready and willing to brave conditions to make it into work. This was made possible by a brilliant idea from our own Norlin Sunga, the TaskBus!

With all forms of public transportation eliminated, TaskUs Management rented a bus that would soon be transformed into what we have affectionately nicknamed the TaskBus. Shuttling employees and clients to and from the center, the TaskBus blazed the way to stable and continuous service for our clients. Special thanks to Charles Gavino for driving the TaskBus!

TaskUs provided catered meals and double pay to all of our employees working at the center during the flood. Many of whom, would work shifts as long as 24 hours to ensure that service was never interrupted for our clients. The safety and health of our team members are always our top priorities. That being said, the resilience, positive attitude and unbreakable spirit of the TaskUs team members in the Philippines never ceases to amaze us.

We are truly grateful for your service and dedication. Without you, it would be impossible to accomplish the amazing milestones we reach daily. Hopefully, Manila will be disaster-free for quite some time. If we do find ourselves battling mother nature in the near future, we will remain confident because Team TaskUs is ready.

Our spirit is waterproof.


Bryce Maddock, CEO

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Michael Buenaventura

August 10, 2012