The Best of CX Summit: 3 Customer Experience Insights


Have you ever been to our CX Summit? If not, get ready for some serious FOMO as you just missed one of our biggest events that was held on April 12,2018.

The TaskUs CX Summit event is like our version of Coachella but for CX executives who share their passions, vulnerabilities, and strategic insights about customer experience instead of eclectic music experiences. From Samsung to Shopify, we carefully handpick top-of-their-game thought leaders from high growth companies who are devoted to customer centricity from different industries so that everyone can be their own Beyoncé. Through in-depth discussion panels and presentations, everyone walks away with the ability to implement what they learned which gives every CX strategist some extra pep in their step.

What We Learned: 3 Things To Consider Implementing Next Quarter


Key Customer Campaign Metrics

Peter Drucker's famous saying, "what gets measured gets improved" is still relevant even 40 years later and is a standard that every metrics-focused department lives by. However, in the ‘big data' world we live in, too many things are measured without any real forethought. At CX Summit, we learned that some of the brightest customer experience leaders are now looking at these 3 key areas of measurement:


Service Levels | Customer Sentiment | Lifetime Value of Customer


These areas all contribute to a powerhouse of information that is driven by both right and left brain aspects that help us to humanize the experiences and relationships that you create with customers.


Outsourcing Customer Care

"Outsourcing" is no longer a dirty word in the world of business. Some of the world's most successful brands are partnering with outsourcing companies to take their customer experience to the next level and are seeing results almost overnight. One thing we uncovered during various panel discussions is that most companies are not worried about offshoring their customer service like most people assume. In fact, some CX leaders said that geography didn't matter when it came to outsourcing and that their focus was more so on finding a strategic partner that said no when it mattered.


How To Identify Subscriber or Customer Churn Risk

Did you know that disappointed customers are often the least likely to provide feedback? As one of our esteemed CX speakers pointed out, only 1 of 26 people actually take the time to complain. The good news? There is a way to uncover these seemingly quiet and disgruntled folks. Kustomer is a tool that allows you to segment customers who might have negative feedback but haven't shared it. The benefit of this is almost immediate as it allows for proactive communication to these customers.


This is just a fraction what we and other companies learned at CX Summit. We'll be delivering more resourceful content to you over the next couple weeks so make sure to follow our Twitter and LinkedIn pages or sign up for our monthly newsletter for updates and other insights to help you be the thought leader on your team.

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April 23, 2018