TaskUs Visits The White House

TaskUs Founder, Bryce Maddock, Meets With Obama Administration

When the White House calls, you answer! Despite having the opportunity to join his comrade Jaspar in the heart of the former Soviet Union, TaskUs Co-Founder Bryce Maddock had to forego the International Economic Forum 2012 for a trip to Washington D.C. Over the past year, the White House Business Council has been meeting with business leaders from every geographic area in the country in order to foster greater opportunity, innovation and job creation. Bryce was chosen as a delegate for Silicon Beach (Los Angeles). Joined by fellow business leaders, Bryce finally had his chance to share his thoughts with senior members of Obama's Business Administration.

"Our government has a responsibility to help businesses foster growth. The future of America depends on it," said Bryce. "Restrictive immigration policies that kick foreign-born Computer Science PhD's out of America upon graduation, over zealous patent laws that reward patent trolls while delaying protections for the next generation of innovation and an over-regulated business environment that kills job creation, were the top three issues on my mind. I was honored to have the opportunity to join other brilliant entrepreneurs in sharing our thoughts and beliefs with Washington."

Bryce attended White House meetings with the Legacy Foundation. Subsequently, the meetings were followed by a private Legacy Foundation Dinner. With Jaspar trading ideas with global business leaders in Russia and Bryce spreading the word of entrepreneurialism at the White House, there is nothing standing in TaskUs' way!

Global domination is imminent. Get your popcorn ready!

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Michael Buenaventura

June 20, 2012