TaskUs Visits Camp Harmony

Think globally, but act locally. Words to live by for TaskUs team members. As a company, our clients are spread out in several countries and our solutions are tailored to be optimized for any market in the world. It's easy to become distracted by our efforts abroad and in other American cities, but we understand the importance of investing in our local community. Thursday, September 23rd, Camp Harmony presented a tremendous opportunity for TaskUs to give back to the Los Angeles community that has given so much to us.

United In Harmony's Mission

United In Harmony's mission is to provide homeless and impoverished children with hope and opportunities to develop positive self-esteem through interactions with teenage and adult role models. Established in 1989, United In Harmony is a non-profit organization that is supported by monetary and in-kind donations. United in Harmony provides a variety of enriching programs to children ages 7-13 years old from over 12 shelters in Los Angeles County.

Camp Harmony provides homeless and impoverished children with a fun and safe overnight camping experience in the Malibu Hills. Provided at no cost to campers, Camp Harmony offers a wide range of exciting activities like spending a day at the beach that many of these children have never experienced before. TaskUs team members were thrilled to join 300+ campers at Point Dume in Mailbu, California for a day filled with beach games, swimming, building sandcastles and tons of fun.

It's easy to lose sight of what really matters. Founders Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir bootstrapped TaskUs, so they are well aware of how strong relationships and a tight-knit community can help you achieve great goals. Without the help of our friends, family and colleagues, TaskUs would have never made it through our early stages of growth. We wish everyone was afforded the same opportunities as us, but so many people are not given anything at all. It's a great honor to be associated with a cause that strives to even the playing field and gives a chance to those that have the odds stacked against them.

As the Camp Harmony motto goes, "give them all the love they can take and all the food they need." TaskUs strived to do just that as we handed out 300+ sandwiches, apples, chips and juice boxes. The impression we were left with was remarkable. It was a true pleasure to be surrounded by campers, counselors and volunteers that all share a common vision. Give them love, give them food and receive more than you could ever dream of.

Thank you to Camp Harmony for the opportunity. TaskUs looks forward to seeing you next year.

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Michael Buenaventura

August 25, 2012