TaskUs Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

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On Friday, one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded whipped through the Philippines, leaving a wake of devastation in its path. With maximum sustained winds of 195 miles per hour, it is impossible to fully comprehend the force of the storm without witnessing it firsthand, but here are a few videos that will help depict its power. Early reports estimate that 10,000 people have died, 600,000 have been displaced from their homes and nearly 10 million have been directly affected. Today, four days after the storm, bodies still line the streets of Tacloban, the capital city of the island of Leyte. Reports state that 70 to 80 percent of the structures on Leyte were destroyed.

The worst of the storm missed our office in Manila; we saw rain, wind and some flooding, but nothing compared to what Tacloban and other parts of the Visayas region faced. Major storms are an annual occurrence in the Philippines. I consider the Philippines a second home, and have been in Manila during a typhoon. Everyone who lives or runs a business there knows that typhoons, monsoons and flooding are an unfortunate reality the country must face. Every year, the outsourcing industry works through torrential rains and destructive winds to deliver work to clients a world's away. However, a typhoon the size of Haiyan is unprecedented, as is the destruction it is causing.

As a people, Filipinos are some of the most resilient, compassionate and resourceful I have ever met. Having personally witnessed team members forge waist-high waters and even swim to work, I have no doubt that the survivors of the storm will work relentlessly to rebuild their homes, businesses, cities and lives.  But, at this time, they desperately need our help. So TaskUs is launching the TaskUs Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund.

We are asking our clients, employees, family and friends to donate to the relief efforts in the Philippines. TaskUs will match every donation dollar-for-dollar.

Please join us in helping the people of the Philippines by donating here.

Bryce Maddock

CEO and Founder
November 12, 2013