TaskUs in the LA Times: “Stealth outsourcing for tech start-ups”

As a provider of outsourced customer support, we're pretty used to being OUT of the limelight where we work diligently to make sure our customers and their customers, in return, are taken care of well. More than well. Ridiculously well. So it always makes us blush -- just a little bit -- when big news publications come knocking to do a story on TaskUs, especially when it's one of the last bastions of news and journalism -- the L.A. Times.

But once we're done blushing we get to hootin' and hollerin', mainly because we love it when the world at large acknowledges the hard work and effort we've put into turning TaskUs into a profitable company that delivers results for its customers. And that's why we'll accept being called the "backbone of the Internet ecosystem" in Andrea Chang's recent article on TaskUs!

Michael Buenaventura

August 13, 2015