TaskUs Study Hall September Edition

TaskUs Study Hall, September Edition

3 Ridiculously Good Reads (Posted Friday, September 28th 2012)
"The Real Implications of the 80-20 Rule” by Don Peppers

Topic: Peppers applies the 80-20 rule to high level marketing strategies via a metaphor about finding your high value customers amongst a sea of 50,000 potential customers at a baseball game. Confused? Read the article. It will make sense to you.


"But the truth is that some of these customers will inevitably be much more valuable to you than others, and your marketing investment would be much more productive if you knew who they were.”

"So rather than paying to put your ad message in front of all 50,000 customers with a series of stadium-wide initiatives, why wouldn't you invest a little of your marketing budget first just to find out where in the stadium these 80 people are actually sitting?.”

"This is the real power of direct, interactive marketing. One-to-one marketing. Customer-centric marketing.”

Why You Should Read This Article:

1) Because there is a movement building right now. It questions what we have previously focused on: building followers, hits on our websites and massive email campaign lists. How can you target the customers that are going to catapult your business into a new realm of profitability.
2) It's a very clever metaphor for describing the 80-20 rule.
3) You will think differently the next major sports game you attend. Gaze out into the sea of people. How would you go about finding the right people in that mass?

"Want To Disrupt An Industry? Try Actually Working In It First” by David Zax

Topic: Zax profiles Lee Lin, cofounder of RentHop. In this article, you learn about one of the key factors that helps you disrupt an industry: personal experience. Lin and his partner's forray into real estate brokerage greatly improved their ability to improve RentHop.


"In 2009 we thought maybe brokers are commodities -- that they're not adding value, and maybe the site could help replace them.”

"A good broker is valuable, and a good landlord is valuable. Anyone responsive and good we want the site's visitors interacting with, and anyone nonresponsive and bad we don't want the site's visitors interacting with..”

"Specific knowledge, you can never have too much of that if you're gonna be an entrepreneur in that space. Especially if your goal is to disrupt and put that entire profession out of business, you'd better know that business inside and out.”

Why You Should Read This Article:

1) Because you have fantasized about disrupting an industry, but didn't know where to start.
2) You can finally sleep at night knowing your job at Baskin Robbins in high school will help you one day when you disrupt the ice cream industry.
3) Ever dealt with a real estate broker and thought they provided zero value? Yes, you have. You can relate.

"How To Make Your Employees Feel Like Superheroes” by Patty Azzarello

Topic: Azzarello defines steps needed in order to get the best productivity and results from your employees. In simple, remove the barriers that prevent their growth and thwart their enthusiasm to achieve.


"Too many managers think the job is to make the best of the team they have. That is not the job.”

"Don't just delegate work. Delegate power.”

"Your job as a leader is to create that team -- a team that can amplify what you can do. Otherwise you are at the helm of a team that is constrained by you, not led by you.”

Why You Should Read This Article:

1) The message is simple, but incredibly valuable.
2) You will question yourself for a moment. Ask yourself, am I getting in the way?
3) Look at every great leader in business. Their accomplishments can almost always be attributed to the remarkable team behind them.

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