TaskUs Rings The Bell At NYSE

Shut Down The NYSE, Check!

TaskUs Founders, Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, rang the bell at the NYSE today as winners of the NYSE Next Big Startup Competition. Based in Santa Monica, TaskUs is an on-demand workforce that helps rapidly growing internet companies cut costs and achieve scale while maintaining the service culture that has come to define the sector. Maddock and Weir were thrilled to win a competition focused entirely on the growth and evolution of startups like TaskUs.

NYSE Big Startup is a nationwide jobs-growth initiative to connect young companies and entrepreneurs with corporate America. "Partnering with fellow startups has been a crucial part of our growth and early success," said Weir. "TaskUs continuously strives to provide workforce solutions that allow startups to grow rapidly and succeed. Hence, the NYSE Big Startup Initiative is something we strongly support!"

Accion, Entrepreneurs' Organization and The Startup America Partnership sponsored the NYSE Big Startup Competition as they continue to bring attention to the importance of entrepreneurship in this current economic climate. Companies like TaskUs equip small businesses with the tools needed to surmount operational challenges and maximizing growth possibilities.

"In the next 10 years, the way we work is going to be totally revolutionized," said Maddock. "Personal computing, the internet and the cloud have lowered the barriers to entry and allowed a flood of entrepreneurs access to the highest quality workers to deliver customer service, sales or data work at a fraction of the cost of keeping employees in-house. We are evening the playing field for America's entrepreneurs and we are honored to win an award that celebrates that accomplishment."

Berkshire Hathaway. Exxon Mobil. Apple...TaskUs? Ok, so we have a little ways to go. Still, TaskUs was cemented in history when we rang the closing bell at the NYSE! Founders, Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir, celebrated the closing bell ceremony at the incredibly popular LES Filipino Restaurant, Maharlika. Four courses and several cocktails later, Jaspar and Bryce were able to make a proper toast with family, friends and clients huddled in the tiny restaurant. However, a simple toast was not enough. No, there was one missing ingredient...Balut! That's right! We honored our amazing employees in the Philippines by sampling a true Filipino delicacy.


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Michael Buenaventura

June 12, 2012