TaskUs President Jaspar Weir Explains Simple Marketing Tactics to Foster Startup Success

While the road to achieving startup success can be perilous, frustrating and face tremendously low odds - as most new businesses know - often the simplest and least valued tactics are the most impactful. Such strategies can seem cliché or old-fashioned, but they are tremendously impactful.

In this sit-down interview with the prestigious publication, TechDay LA, TaskUs President and Co-Founder Jaspar Weir shares his point of view on a broad range of topics at the cross of startups and marketing. Readers will appreciate Jaspar's transparency and insight into a subject rarely studied in universities with any substance.

TaskUs reprints the article here with the kind permission of TechDay LA. It is one of the most widely read articles on its site of the past two months - a single week after its publication. We consider this piece a critical read. Please Enjoy.

TechDay LA Interview: "The President and Co-Founder of TaskUs Reveals Marketing Secrets for Startup Success"


September 26, 2016