TaskUs: #19 Small Business on LA Journal’s Best Places to Work in Los Angeles

[caption id="attachment_3257" align="aligncenter" width="504"]TaskUs is one of the Los Angeles Business Journal's Best Places to Work 2014. TaskUs is #19 on Los Angeles Business Journal's Best Places to Work 2014 (small business category).[/caption]

Here at TaskUs, we're not big fans of tooting our own horn. Perhaps that's because one of our core values includes continuous self-improvement and the less time spent patting ourselves on the back the more time we have to make things better for our employees and clients.

Every once in a while, though, we make an exception to the rule because the accolade or praise bestowed on us validates the effort we're making to be an exceptional company. Being named #19 on the list of Best Places to Work in Los Angeles (in the Small Business category) by the L.A. Business Journal is one of those exceptions.

Being #19 on the list of Best Places to Work in Los Angeles is no small feat, you know. Consider that if it were a country, Los Angeles county would be the world's 19th largest economy and there are more than 244,000 businesses in the county. At the end of the day, though, the real reason we're proud of the accomplishment is because being chosen to be a "Best Place to Work" means that the bulk of the people who work at TaskUs must actually consider it a great place to work. In fact, 75% of the evaluation is powered by existing employee's experience.

We've never doubted that we work with some of the smartest and most hard working folks around -- people who go above and beyond to deliver. But being included in Best Places to Work is another indication that a strong culture can actually power your employees to do great work -- as we've seen with our meteoric growth. Furthermore, the accolade is especially meaningful given that a recent employee survey for our colleagues in the Philippines indicated that more than 80% were "Very Satisfied" or "Satisfied" with working at TaskUs.

As anyone working in a business knows, it takes hard work to create and sustain a culture that inspires people, so we're glad to have some measure of validation that things at TaskUs are headed in the right direction.



August 19, 2014