TaskUs Offers 120 Day Paid Maternity Leave – Just Like Facebook!

Earlier this year our Philippines Country Manager, Robert Hayes put forth a simple goal. "Forget about other outsourcing companies!” he said, "I want TaskUs to provide our teammates with benefits that are as good as the startups we support.” This is exactly the kind of ridiculous thinking we love at TaskUs. The outsourcing industry is notorious for stingy wages and benefits. While we cannot fix this overnight, we have taken serious steps towards improving the benefits we offer our teammates.

From simple things like free coffee, tea and juice, to ridiculous benefits like the LizardBear Club's all expenses paid, quarterly, tropical getaways for the top 2% of teammates. This year we sent nearly 200 teammates on holiday to Boracay, Palawan and Davao (coming in February). TaskUs has long had a policy of providing all expenses paid health insurance to our teammates, and this year we added fully paid coverage for one dependent.

Today, I'm excited to announce our new Maternity policy. Women make up 49% of TaskUs' total workforce. Many of our female teammates are mothers, who work hard to earn a living and then go home and work hard to raise a family. So we decided that TaskUs should give back to these women by offering all of our teammates the industries best Maternity Leave Policy.

Starting in 2016, we are offering all female teammates 120 days of paid leave. This policy happens to be exactly the same thing that Facebook announced it would offer new parents last week (we thought of it first!). We are in good company - Adobe, Reddit and Goldman Sachs offer the same thing; Google, Twitter and Netflix offer slightly more; and Microsoft and Amazon offer slightly less.

While it might be a bit ridiculous for a BPO to compete with some of today's most prominent startups and most respected companies on maternity benefits, this is what makes TaskUs a different place to work.

Bryce Maddock

CEO and Founder
December 01, 2015