TaskUs Introduces VP of Philippines Operations, Robert Hayes

Editor's note: Today's blog post is by TaskUs CEO Bryce Maddock - follow him on Twitter: @BryceMaddock.

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TaskUs had a phenomenal year in 2014 - one that exceeded even our own expectations. As the company continues to expand, we have been deeply sensitive to the need for more strong leaders on the ground in the Philippines, so that we can continue to deliver excellent service to our clients.

We had been hunting for a visionary leader with extensive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) experience, who understood the TaskUs culture. This was no easy task. TaskUs is all about challenging the status quo, having fun at work and ultimately, empowering people. Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite attitude of most people with extensive BPO experience. It took us a full year and more than 40 in-depth interviews to find the right person for this role. Today, we are proud to announce that Robert Hayes is TaskUs' new Vice President of Philippines Operations.

In his new role, Robert will bolster our workforce management and outsourcing operations, overseeing all department heads in the Philippines ranging from Operations to HR, IT to Recruitment, as well as collaborating with and managing our Vice President of Growth, Charles Gavino. Robert's initiatives include professionalizing and perfecting support departments as well as recruiting and employing top-tier candidates to achieve wow-inducing results across TaskUs' departments and client teams.

Industry Experience

Robert began his career as a sales agent on the phone at NCO Group, a BPO company and collection agency. From his frontline role, Robert worked his way up to become a General Manager (GM), where he gathered a holistic understanding of the BPO space, allowing him to manage staff and drive results through coaching.

Six years into his career at NCO, Robert relocated to the Philippines where he acted as a GM at NCO Philippines Clark. In this role, Robert became responsible for multiple call center sites in the Philippines. Robert earned a reputation for managing large, complex client accounts as he worked to establish benchmarks for performance management.

Robert's exceptional performance in this capacity led to his promotion as Assistant Vice President of Operations at NCO in the Philippines, where he managed multiple departments, including Sales, Customer Service and Technical Service to ensure the maintenance of quality control standards for client communications.

After spending more than four years in the Philippines at NCO in Clark, Robert became the Vice President of CRM at Expert Global Solutions (EGS), the world's largest privately owned BPO company with more than 100 locations globally and more than 40,000 associates. Robert joins TaskUs after three years at EGS.

Robert takes the knowledge he gained from his experiences at NCO and EGS to assess operations at TaskUs and design effective solutions that benefit the long-term performance of our teams.

When he's not thinking of new ways to improve the business strategies at TaskUs, Robert enjoys watching ice hockey, weightlifting and spending time with his wife and two children.

To learn more about TaskUs and what we're up to, visit www.taskus.com.

Bryce Maddock

CEO and Founder
January 13, 2015